Shoppers unveils Carnaby Sweet

As part of its efforts to reposition the Life brand as health care products, the pharma-retailer is donning a new name and look for its confectionery line.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Shoppers Drug Mart is rolling out a chic new candy line in place of its Life brand. Carnaby Sweet will be sold at both a premium and regular price point, and will offer all the candies formerly under Life.

“It’s going to be a wide selection of the classic favourites,” says Tammy Smitham, VP of communications and corporate affairs, Shoppers. “[Carnaby Sweet] was chosen to inspire memories and create an elevated experience. It’s reminiscent of Carnaby Street in London. When you think of high-quality confectionery items, people tend to think of the U.K., so this was inspired by that.”

The product was launched in time to capitalize on the Valentine’s Day shopper, she says, allowing the retailer to tap into existing in-store Valentine’s Day promotional efforts to help introduce the line, adding that Life had traditionally done well in the seasonal confectionery sales. Dedicated marketing efforts for Carnaby Sweet will roll out after Easter and will include online, flyers and social media pushes.

The name, packaging and offerings, done with design house Pigeon, are meant to create a more premium product than its predecessor, she says, adding this is part of a larger move to reposition Life as a health brand, rather than a catch-all private label line.

“We did a lot of consumer testing around Life and we know our consumers trust it most for things like OTC [over the counter medication], oral care and other health products. So we’ve undergone some changeover in our regular foods,” she says.

Carnaby Sweet is the fourth rebrand by the retailer, and follows the 2012 introduction of Simply Foods, its national everyday food product line; Nativa, its organic food line; and Everyday Market, its discounted food line in place of Life.


  • Jen Turcotte

    Chocolates are “Made in England”, and absolutely delicious. Remind me alot of Marks & Spencer confectionary. Great move on Shoppers’ part!

  • Mohamed Elrafih

    I have a question, all the products that contain gelatin, is it derived from beef or pig?

  • jamaica4Lynn Marie Lévis

    Made in England, LOL yes, I would be glad to do the translating on their products, geeze, Bubbly bunny- Lapin Malin , means malicious bunny ! LOL we all want malicious bunnies for our children, yes of course !!

    • AlyssaMoh

      mmm malveillant or maybe even a nuance of méchant means more along the lines of malicious.

      Malin means clever, or sly – it has more to do with intelligence and finding a loophole or unorthodox idea. It’s slightly less neutral and less positive than some words but definitely more positive than rusé, which is more like what a fox character would do: trick someone out of something using its wits, wily and so on.

      Honestly, it has more with Lapin rhyming with Malin than anything.. Better than Lapin Sapin – the only other thing i can think off the top of my head that rhymes..

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