Are you (really) ready for AI?

A reality check on whether or not your brand can handle the data (and responsibility) of voice, blockchain and artificial intelligence.


Back page: Cannes is changing

No Fixed Address predicts the next Cannes crowd in an evolving industry environment.

IT ran1

2017 Strategy Awards: It Ran for NABS

A parody magazine full of ads was created as a NABS fundraiser.


Why 2017 is our year for change

Publisher Mary Maddever welcomes Marketing readers and outlines the changes ahead in our various products.


One wild escalator ride

How Canadian publications are using sophisticated targeting and engagement techniques to retain and win more valuable readers.


The positive effect of giving back

Don’t throw out that old hat. Le Chaînon’s new campaign shows how it can be put to good use.


Bosch shows some swagger

With its “Nothing… like a Bosch” tagline, the brand heats up the home appliances category.

Strategy is 25: It’s cover contest time

To celebrate our Silver Jubilee, we’re asking agencies to ponder what’s in store for the next 25 years for the industry.


Weetabix reintroduces itself

The brand launches its first national campaign in more than 30 years, positioning itself as an energy provider.

best buy

Best Buy launches a magazine

The tech company will launch a six-times-a-year tech and lifestyle publication in partnership with Rogers Media, distributing 300,000 print versions across its network of stores.


Back page: Early engagement

Cundari gives its take on the next big thing in marketing.


BMW gets personal in Maclean’s

The luxury car co highlights its text-to-speech tech with a personalized note to each subscriber.


Canadian Geographic and Shell go on an energy diet

The magazine and petrol company launch an online contest that challenges families to reduce and reuse.


Gateway opens on new-style mag ad

Hungry for innovation in magazine advertising? Then imagine getting your product mentioned in a branded content feature as a must-have ingredient for the perfect dinner party.


Marketing to youth? Try a Dose or a Vice

When marketing to 18-34s, you need to speak their language. If you can’t, partner with someone who does. Fortunately, there are a couple of youth rags currently offering the chance to do just that.