Pop psychology

What does the type of pop you drink say about you?


Are you sure they want it?

It was time versus testing.
When Yvon Savaria joined Longueuil, Que.-based Sico as director of marketing, the company was on the eve of launching its new Super Washable brand – a line of flat-looking, washable paints. But Savaria and the team weren’t 100% confident in the product’s launch. Why? They hadn’t done any market research. Since the idea was one many paint companies were chasing, Sico was in a hurry to get the brand out the door. So the launch rolled out – untested – and Sico waited for consumer response.
And respond they did.


The research behind the McLaunch

It’s the kind of product launch that’s not relegated to a blurb in the business section. No, when McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada recently rolled out its Lighter Choices Menu, it made the front sections of newspapers and even the first few minutes of some national newscasts.