Shopper Marketing

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The grey wave

The number of people over the age of 65 is growing fast, and what this group values, how it thinks and where it shops will affect Canadian brands profoundly.

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Sobeys launches Moodie Foodie app

The grocery chain’s new app lets consumers choose recipes based on how they are feeling at that moment.

Jason Dubroy

Dealing with the plastic bag ban: opportunities lie in change

DDB’s Jason Dubroy sees Toronto’s new surprise ban as a great branding opportunity for retailers and manufacturers.

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Canadian shoppers, a camp divided

As Canada’s population ages, retailers will face mature shoppers who value a much different shopping experience than their younger peers.


Winning in-store communication: the proof is in the purchase

Ipsos’s Catherine Yuile shares research results that decode why visuals work, and sheds light on how to capitalizing on Canadians’ brand loyalty.

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Stops, Starts and Changes: Harry Rosen and Le Clos Jordanne pair up for Father’s Day

In this edition of our round-up, unexpected stops from the City of Toronto and Giant Tiger, anticipated starts from Loft and Target, and some changes from Sobeys and Canadian Tire.

12 06 13 locately

Shopper marketing research goes mobile

A pilot project between TNS and Locately will study the shopper between stores.


Consumerlogy: Defending the indefensible – the QR code

Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette finds shopper marketing hope in oft-poorly used black-and-white dots.


Pepsi brings in-store elements to iconic Taste Challenge

The campaign will be stopping at big store openings, and QR codes on packaging invite consumers to participate online.

12 05 15 febreze

Febreze explores new distribution channels with car freshener

The recently launched P&G line extension fills a void in the in-car market and adds new channel and aisle territory to the ever-expanding franchise.

12 05 15 stride

Kraft brings ‘fun’ to the aisles

The CPG company introduces a new liquid water-flavour enhancer, MiO, and kicks off its summer Stride campaign.

Exhibit F

Second Cup and Tassimo partner

The cafe chain extends brand reach while Kraft expands its product offering.

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Walmart partners with AskingCanadians for market research

The superstore chain is expanding on research efforts from the US, inviting Canadian consumers to take part in online panels.

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Stops, starts and changes

Joe Fresh launches a men’s couture-inspired line, Quebec gets racy with a soon-to-open Victoria’s Secret, while Sears introduces a customer service pledge.

12 05 15 fiesta

Match acquires Action Marketing Group

The pairing between the Canadian and US agencies will create a North American group with a focus on experiential shopper marketing.