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Surviving Fall TV

Dive into what’s rumbling the TV landscape this year, taking it from volatile to earthquake status.


Back page: Rewriting Fall TV

We take a more brand-friendly approach to re-imagine the new shows.

salvador television

An erratic time for TV

PHD’s Rob Young sums up the trouble the TV landscape is in.


The primetime jungle heats up

In today’s PVR and binge-watching world, media experts weigh in on which shows will make the cut this season.


The fight for specialty channel survival

Starting next year, Canadians will pick, pay and determine the fate of Canada’s slew of specialty channels.


TV viewing by the numbers

Its future might be uncertain, but the medium is far from dead.


Pretty creepy promos

Check out the shows that upped the freaky factor to build buzz.


A good TV ad isn’t always a great social one

Gravity Partners co-CEO Leigh Himel debates creating true social videos vs. just placing TV ads online.


Nike and Adidas go local

A look at the brands’ down-to-earth running initiatives that skip dialing up the adrenaline.


Sympathy for the home buyer

The Canadian Real Estate Association hopes to get people to think twice before selling their homes without a pro.


Putting a new face on Champlain

TFO launches a new element to its largest-ever project, based around a new miniseries on the explorer’s life.

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No, TV isn’t dead

CASSIES judge and Taxi’s chief strategy officer Mark Tomblin on why the medium is still relevant today.