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Where Magazines International's WHERE Paris has doubled its circulation to 40,000 and increased its frequency to 10 times a year starting with the April issue.WHERE Paris was launched six months ago, WHERE Magazines' first venture into a non-English speaking market.More than...

Where Magazines International’s WHERE Paris has doubled its circulation to 40,000 and increased its frequency to 10 times a year starting with the April issue.

WHERE Paris was launched six months ago, WHERE Magazines’ first venture into a non-English speaking market.

More than 20 million visitors come to the French capital annually.

The where magazine network spans 21 cities including Toronto, New York, Chicago, London and San Francisco.

where magazines list information about dining, galleries, museums, nightlife, shopping and more.

ú Quebecor Printing has bought Sears Canada’s 44% common share interest in Photo Engravers and Electrotypers in Rexdale, Ont.

The share price was $38.87 each for 340,860 shares.

Photo Engravers prints about 40 million catalogues a year by a rotogravure process.

After completion of Quebecor’s offer, Photo Engravers will sign a 10-year printing deal with Sears Canada.

ú Pitney Bowes has just launched two personal computer-based mailing software packages, addressright avs and addressright sort.

The former verifies mailing databases against Canada Post’s national data address file and corrects incorrect addresses. The latter pre-sorts mailing lists into postal code sequences based on Canada Post’s national distribution guide.

addressright avs has received official recognition from Canada Post’s software evaluation and recognition program.

ú Group 1 Software, in Lanham, Md., has announced its software EZ-6/CUE version 3.1 for ibm mainframe computers has been recognized by the same Canada Post program.

EZ-6/CUE allows mailers to standardize and correct Canadian addresses and postal codes.

ú The first edition of Time magazine to be printed on recycled paper is the May 3 issue of Time Canada.

The paper used in the May 3 and subsequent issues will contain 35% recycled fibres, one-quarter of which comes from mill spoilage, and the rest comes from household and business disposal.

The u.s. edition of Time cannot convert to recycled paper until enough of the material becomes available.

ú The cbc and the Canadian Association of Broadcasters have formed a new corporation, Digital Radio Research, to launch experimental digital radio service in Canada late this year.

Digital Radio will have its headquarters in Montreal. Its budget is $2.3 million raised from Communications Canada, private broadcasters and the cbc.

The initial digital prototype stations will be in Toronto and Montreal and will operate on the L-Band.

Last year, the cbc led an experiment using digital radio transmitters, giving broadcasters experience with the technology.

ú The Bank of Montreal has agreed to sponsor for the third consecutive year the financial segment on cfmt-tv, Channel 47′s Chinese Journal.

cfmt-tv is a Toronto-based multilingual service.

No financial details were released.

Chinese Journal airs Monday to Friday, and is hosted by David Wang.

ú Toronto Life magazine says newsstand sales for its December, January and February issues are up 18% compared with the previous 12 months or 44,000 copies sold.

At $2.50 a copy, newsstand sales brought in more than $110,000 for the magazine, Toronto Life says.

ú A number of new titles  including one that has a captive audience  have joined the Canadian Magazine Publishers Association.

Among the titles are Words from Inside, an annual anthology of creative writing by Canadian prisoners and parolees, Canadian Business Economics, The Mystery Review, Vancouver Step, This Country Canada, The Tribune, formerly the organ of the Communist Party of Canada, and The Old Fart, a magazine by and for curmudgeons.