Criteria were outlined in brief

Twelve companies took part in Strategy's Package Designer of the Year competition. Each was provided with the following brief:Strategy will be selecting a Package Designer of the Year to be announced in the July 12 issue.The Package Designer of the Year...

Twelve companies took part in Strategy’s Package Designer of the Year competition. Each was provided with the following brief:

Strategy will be selecting a Package Designer of the Year to be announced in the July 12 issue.

The Package Designer of the Year selection will be made on the basis of a package design company’s work over the past year, as judged by a broad-based panel of clients, consumers and special interest groups.

We are treating this as an Olympics-style contest. Strategy has invited a field of leading package design companies into the competition, and you are one of them.

These are design firms which we feel, on the basis of a poll of peers and clients, and our own observations of your work over the past year, deserve to be in the running.

A simple numerical scoring system will be used to determine the winners.

There is no entry fee. However, you will be asked to put some effort into the preparation of your submission.

The criteria

The work must have appeared for the first time in the marketplace some time between July 1, 1992 and June 30, 1993.

It must be work originated in your Canadian-based shop, but it does not matter where the design appeared.

The work

You are being asked to submit three design concepts that you have done, ideally, for three clients.

You have been invited into the competition as a design company. It is, therefore, up to you to select the work.

The submission

You will be asked to submit one design in each of three categories:

- Food and Beverage

- Cosmetic and Drug

- Household and Industrial

If you do not have an entry for all three categories, submit your best three designs.

However, judges will be looking for diversity of work. Therefore, design companies that have submitted entries in all three categories will have an advantage over those who failed to enter all three.

Each design should be accompanied by no more than a 250-word rationale that explains the design challenge at the outset and how your design resolved that challenge.

We are looking for examples of packaging that helped solve business problems. This is not a contest of packaging aesthetics. These criteria will be stressed with each judge.

The package design should be represented by one photograph.

In the case of a redesign, the photograph should include a sample of the packaging as it appeared before your design, as well as your own work.

In the case of a series of packages that represent one brand design but a variety of flavors, you may submit up to, but no more than, three examples from the series.

We are still looking for only one photograph of each design concept.

We will also require an example of the actual package. These will be presented to the judges at the final judging session.

The judging perspective

The judges will be asked to look at your designs as a ‘body of work.’ They will be asked to vote as though they were judges at an Olympic event – say a gymnastics competition – awarding points for best overall performance. They will be asked to score each company’s performance on a scale of 0 to 10.

They will be asked to make their judgments on the basis of your ability to work in different product categories. You should keep this in mind when preparing your submissions.

The judging

While the composition of the judging panel will, in itself, represent a wide point of view, we will remind each judge that the purpose of the competition is to assess the packaging design on the basis of demonstrated strengths in marketing thinking and creative execution.

We are inviting six judges.

The submissions will be delivered to the judges individually. They will make their own initial assessments based on photographs of your work and your written rationale.

Then the judges will meet as a group and make a final judgment after reviewing the actual packages.

This final session will take place in a meeting room in the evening. It will allow for some exchange of views among the judges. Individual responses will remain confidential.

The coverage

The winning design company will be displayed on the front cover of this issue with a four-color photograph commissioned by Strategy.

All of the design companies invited into the competition will be included in an editorial spread on the inside pages along with their work.