Educate. Motivate. Entertain.In addition to increased sales, effective sales motivation programs create lasting value beyond the qualifying and reward period, such as:- increased commitment to your company, its goals and its customers;- greater personal satisfaction for each sales representative.The Mariposa Group's...

Educate. Motivate. Entertain.

In addition to increased sales, effective sales motivation programs create lasting value beyond the qualifying and reward period, such as:

- increased commitment to your company, its goals and its customers;

- greater personal satisfaction for each sales representative.

The Mariposa Group’s Educate. Motivate. Entertain. philosophy expresses this belief clearly. We know from experience that the right motivation program accomplishes these goals and delivers increased sales revenue.

Although your sales reps work as individuals, they will perform better in the positive atmosphere of a motivated team.

Therefore, we propose a team-oriented program, based on the value of a shared experience.

‘Building on Success’

We have named this program ‘Building on Success.’

Your sales representatives must earn the reward as a group.

If the target is met, everyone receives the reward. If it is not, no one does. With a group of your size, we believe this is an essential condition for success.

When your present sales target has been reached, summon your sales team to your office for a special announcement – the unveiling of ‘Building on Success.’

You congratulate the reps on their outstanding sales performance to date, then hand them each a gift-wrapped box.


Each box contains a 16-ounce Estwing hammer with their name engraved on it, six four-inch nails, a bottle of fine champagne, an invitation and a short video.

The hammer symbolizes the first part of the motivational program, the champagne the second.

The enclosed card invites them on an eight-day adventure. The video explains the features of the program, and is also aimed at spouses/guests.

The actual reward program would take place after, say, a nine-month qualification and preparation period.

Nine months after the hammer and champagne, reps start their reward program by spending three days helping to build a home for a low-income family through the auspices of Habitat For Humanity.

(Habitat for Humanity is a charitable organization that joins with low-income families to build homes; its most visible volunteer is former u.s. president, Jimmy Carter.)

Your reps and management work side by side, providing more than 900 person-hours of donated labor. This part of the program delivers a powerful team-building experience and fosters a sense of company pride.

Immediately thereafter, your team of reps and their spouses or guests fly to California to spend five days in the Napa Valley and San Francisco.

We recommend the majestic Silverado Resort in the heart of the Napa Valley, and the Four Seasons Clift in San Francisco.


Highlights could include:

- Hot-air balloon champagne breakfast over the valley;

- Private dinner in gourmet restaurant at Domaine Chandon, the u.s. subsidiary of French champagne-maker Moet & Chandon;

- Dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay, or dinner in the cellblocks at Alcatraz;

- Golf, tennis and horseback riding;

- Free time for shopping;

- Farewell dinner and awards banquet at the hotel.

The Napa Valley and San Francisco will appeal to male and female reps and their spouses/guests. There are plenty of attractions and activities, including special event possibilities. And California is easily accessible from Alberta.

We recommend the creation of a ‘club’ called The Magnificent Seven.

Top seven

The top seven sales achievers each year would earn a place in this elite group, recognized through a special award presented at the closing dinner in California.

This will fulfill the need to recognize exceptional individual effort within the team.

You may derive tax advantages by adding business content to the trip.

We propose a low-key professional development program that might include a q&a session with noted Los Angeles-based architects Frank Gehry and Barton Myers; escorted walking tours of San Francisco’s quaint residential neighborhoods; a motivational speaker; or other programs suitable for reps and spouses.

‘Building on Success’:

- Delivers the desired sales revenue for the upcoming sales period.

- Can be self-liquidating (Mariposa will help structure the program so it is funded from incremental revenue.)

- Creates lasting value for reps.

- Fosters a team ethic where none previously existed.

- Boosts community goodwill and delivers pr benefits.

‘Building on Success’ rewards superior performance from your entire sales team while recognizing outstanding individual achievements. It can be achieved within your $250,000 budget.

‘Building on Success’ has been designed to quickly become a major part of your company culture.

Murray Shields is vice-president of Panorama Conference Management, a member of The Mariposa Group of sales and marketing communications companies based in Toronto.