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Magazines Canada is hosting a seminar and luncheon Oct. 13 in Toronto called 'Mind Reading For Marketers.'Keynote speaker at the luncheon is Nelson Thrall, president and chief executive officer, Marshall McLuhan Centre on Global Communications.Speakers at the seminar include Michael Adams,...

Magazines Canada is hosting a seminar and luncheon Oct. 13 in Toronto called ‘Mind Reading For Marketers.’

Keynote speaker at the luncheon is Nelson Thrall, president and chief executive officer, Marshall McLuhan Centre on Global Communications.

Speakers at the seminar include Michael Adams, president of Environics, Jordan Levitin, vice-president, Creative Research, ad man Geoffrey B. Roche and journalist Peter Trueman.

The seminar and the luncheon costs $50.

Members of Magazines Canada include Saturday Night, TV Guide, Canadian Geographic, Reader’s Digest and Vancouver Magazine.

- Herbert A. Watts has been appointed list manager of the Canadian Contest and Sweepstakes list with almost half a million names on it.

Selects on the list include sex, province, type of residence, length of residence and more.

- The largest new homeowner welcoming service in the u.s. has acquired Broyd Information, the Canadian list owner and compiler of new homeowner information.

With the acquisition, Getting To Know You International has formed a new subsidiary, The Marketing Information Bureau in Jericho, n.y.

Broyd Information becomes The Market Information Bureau’s Canadian list services division.

- The BBM Bureau of Measurement has announced that beginning this fall it will provide six new reports annually.

The new reports cover 17 additional weeks of Toronto extended market rating data over and above the 10 weeks already covered in the regular sweeps.

In addition, the new reports will provide ‘program average’ rating data for two- or three-week periods which are scheduled to ‘bracket’ the current sweep timing.

Ken Purdye, vice-president of television at bbm, says the planned schedule will allow earlier assessment of new program performance, specials and mini-series as well as better tracking of seasonality.

Also, says Purdye, the multi-week reporting format permits more meaningful demographic breaks to be reliably reported.

The new reports will be available to bbm television members without additional cost.

bbm’s portable, passive meter technology is slated for parallel testing in the fall of 1994.

- Ottawa’s Acart Publishing will publish the official magazine of Canada Expo 94, the largest trade promotion show ever organized by the federal government.

The magazine, Oportunidad Canada-Mexico, is being targetted at business, investment and government leaders in Mexico.

Canada Expo 94 will be held in March 1994, where the four-color magazine will be distributed. El Financiero, Mexico’s major financial daily, will carry Oportunidad Mexico as a supplement, and it will also be used by Canadian embassies and consulates to promote trade throughout Latin America.

- Beginning Oct. 1, CMS Canada will redeem Hershey Canada coupons.

Hershey will also use cms’ On-Line Coupon Management System to enhance its marketing effort.

CMS Canada has its headquarters in Markham, Ont., and is a division of cms in Winston-Salem, n.c.

- The BBM Bureau of Measurement and cfmt-tv in Toronto have released the Spring 93 viewing surveys for the Chinese and Portuguese markets in Toronto and Hamilton.

The surveys were conducted simultaneously with the conventional Spring 93 BBM.

The surveys found the top five Chinese programs for adults 18+ were, in descending order, Cantonese Super Saturday, Chinese Journal, Chinese Newsweek, Chinese Tangram, Business Insight and Chinese Entertainment Plus.

The top five Portuguese programs, again in descending order, were, Telediario, Prime Time Novella, Actualidade, Lamire and Hockey Night in Canada.

The survey should have been released in June, but bbm says the delay was caused by opting for the sample balancing approach to weighing data, and the decision not to release the Italian book with the Chinese and Portuguese results.

bbm says with the Italian book it found a ‘significant response rate fluctuation’ during one of the weeks of the survey causing an ‘anomalous bounce’ in the data.

To compensate, bbm will conduct another Italian survey in Toronto for cfmt-tv this fall and will release the data after the standard fall tv books.

- Sales are up 10% for the fiscal year ending July 31, says the president of The Pixelboard Network.

Brian MacDonald says the company plans to be debt-free in 1993 and is on target to meet that goal.

The network comprises 23 large electronically driven message centres in 12 Canadian cities.

The privately held company is owned by MacDonald and Brandy Media.

- Well-known cbc sportscasters Brian Williams and Ron MacLean will host more than 90 hours of tv network coverage of the 1994 Commonwealth Games from Victoria.

About 3,200 athletes will compete at the Aug. 18-28 Games for an estimated worldwide tv audience of 300 million.

The bbc, Australia’s Network 10 and New Zealand’s tvnz will offer their viewers more than 300 hours of coverage.

The CBC Radio team is headed by producer Phil Dugas.

- Great Brands of Europe has signed on its Evian brand spring water as the sole sponsor of Montreal’s OmniColumns, a new advertising vehicle deployed downtown.

There are 250 of the columns.

The columns, a joint venture between the City of Montreal and Radiomutuel’s Omni division, are back-lit with the section facing pedestrians displaying a map of the vicinity, a calendar of coming events and a list of neighborhood sites. They carry the Evian logo with the line in French, Evian every day, everywhere in Montreal.

Evian’s agency is Harrod & Mirlin in Toronto.

- A new Bell Mobility poster campaign has no doubt caused more than one passenger to stop in his tracks.

The five, 10 feet by 12 feet back-lit posters are located at a new Media Site location in the parking garage at Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 2 in Toronto.

Each poster features a phone that actually rings as people walk by. A motion sensor is used to set off the telephones.

The bilingual posters read, ‘It’s for you/C’est pour vous’ and were created by Cossette Communication-Marketing in Toronto.

Account director Peter Shier says using the phones is a way of increasing awareness of the Bell Mobility Rent Express.