Maclean’s knows me like a book

Dear T. Warner:I know it is horrible to receive a goodbye this way, but what with my biological clock ticking away, I just do not feel you have devoted the time to our relationship.Actually, you never were very sensitive to my...

Dear T. Warner:

I know it is horrible to receive a goodbye this way, but what with my biological clock ticking away, I just do not feel you have devoted the time to our relationship.

Actually, you never were very sensitive to my Canadian culture, which is why I have fallen into Maclean’s’ embrace.

I just want you to know that Maclean’s really knows me. In fact, he has created a profile of me – not an artist’s rendering, silly – but a real expose of me, my likes and dislikes, my career, my education, even my spending habits.

I’m not the only one who has this great relationship with Maclean’s – 2.3 million read him like a book every week. (Don’t worry. There’s no hanky panky going on. Maclean’s told me Prime Minister Kim Campbell said something to the same effect recently.)

Maclean’s is not only a good friend, but he is one source I can rely on for the most up-to-date information about domestic and international issues that truly concern me and all Canadians.


Because of Maclean’s’ knowledge (he has such a way with words), I continue to be informed about politics, business and major events in Canada and around the world.

Maclean’s is so interesting and knowledgeable.

In his company, I have learned about everything from the North American free trade agreement to the latest on the environment, entertainment, science and technology, medicine, sports and leisure.

The company Maclean’s keeps is so interesting. Barbara Amiel and Diane Francis are definitely women with strong opinions. And that hilarious fellow, Alan Fotheringham, keeps me in stitches.

Maclean’s keeps me up to date on the latest in the arts, literature and movies.

Serious relationship

But I want you to know my relationship with Maclean’s is not all about good conversation and watching movies. Maclean’s and I have a serious intellectual and business-like relationship.

Maclean’s really gets involved by taking an aggressive interest in the news and through his many connections is privy to exclusive and investigative stories.

On the business side, Maclean’s has provided me with great opportunities to network with real joiner activists.

Those in the company of Maclean’s seem to have a lot in common: most in his circle of friends are well-educated, earn more than $50,000 and own their own homes.

Maclean’s circulates in exciting and credible environments. He is often found in the company of well-educated and upscale men and women who are the leaders in Canada’s business and community life.

Sure, he’s been around since 1905, but there is a real timeless (and timely) quality about him.

I’m sticking with Maclean’s.


Jane Q. Public

Sharon McMahon is communications co-ordinator in the promotion department at Maclean’s magazine, a Maclean Hunter publication.