Reader’s Digest: down to earth

The magazines Reader's Digest and Selection du Reader's Digest are hardworking, active members of their communities, and strive to make the world a better place.They are strongly committed to the welfare of their families, and are always looking for ways to...

The magazines Reader’s Digest and Selection du Reader’s Digest are hardworking, active members of their communities, and strive to make the world a better place.

They are strongly committed to the welfare of their families, and are always looking for ways to improve the quality, interest and scope of their daily lives.

They see life as an ongoing process of self-education and, therefore, love to travel and take a keen interest in politics. They treat every problem they encounter as an opportunity for finding a solution.


As your friends, you would prize their warmth, their common sense and their humor.

They would be the friends you would consult for advice because they are known for their integrity and high standards.

They take the time to find out the facts before stating an opinion or offering help to others.

They are always ready to lend a helping hand, whether it is with your taxes, a problem at home or at work. They take pleasure in enriching the lives of others.

They work hard at keeping abreast of current issues. When you are with them they are able to comment intelligently on world politics, economics or consumerism.

They are the one guest you might feel comfortable sitting beside at a dinner party because their interests are unlimited. Yet although they are authoritative in their opinions, they are never pedantic.

They are able to convey opinions and ideas in the clearest, most uncluttered and understandable of language.

They also have a wide range of interests and love to share with others new information.

Whether you are discussing how to improve the quality of your life, or your health, you will find them to be fascinating conversationalists.

This is why, of all the other friends you might have, you consider Reader’s Digest to be your best friend.

In fact, in a recent contest (PMB ’93) they were voted ‘most popular.’ They are the type of friends you spend more time with and find more interesting precisely because they are so well-rounded.

They are sensitive to the suffering of others and recognize that the ability to shed tears is as important as the ability to laugh or feel outrage.

Although they are stable and mature, they count among their friends men and women of all age groups, in many cities and towns across Canada. They have, to quote Rudyard Kipling, the ability ‘to walk with kings, nor lose the common touch.’

They are, however, by no means, totally serious. Although the larger issues of life are of concern, they are equally capable of wit, laughter and hope.

In fact, their sense of humor and belief in the indomitability of the human spirit is equally well known. They enjoy humorous anecdotes and tell them with style, as well as a good joke.

Their admirers include people from all walks of life.

They have been quoted by politicians, esteemed by writers and held up as an example by businesspeople.

They are comfortable in many places, at a cocktail party in a Toronto highrise, on a 200-acre farm in Saskatchewan, at a truck stop along southern Ontario’s Highway 401, or in a waiting room at the Grace Maternity Hospital in Halifax.


Their personal charisma has made them one of the best-loved personalities not only in North America, but in the world. And their circle of acquaintances continues to grow. The result is that they are as much a part of 3.8 million Canadian lives as they ever were.

But for all the ability they have in helping the lives of those around them, they are, first and foremost, a friend with thoughts, feelings and insights to share that embrace the entire spectrum of human activity and interests.

They are responsible, mature, yet young at heart, and their appeal is the kind that touches the best part in everyone they know.

Larry Thomas is vice-president and advertising sales director at Reader’s Digest and Selection du Reader’s Digest magazines.