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Multi-tiered programKiosks' interactive element a good backupThe communication objectives established for Body Guard are twofold:1. To establish and rapidly build awareness of the Body Guard service among existing policyholders, demonstrating that the company is keeping in touch with the needs of...

Multi-tiered program

Kiosks’ interactive element a good backup

The communication objectives established for Body Guard are twofold:

1. To establish and rapidly build awareness of the Body Guard service among existing policyholders, demonstrating that the company is keeping in touch with the needs of its current customer base.

2. To establish and rapidly build awareness of the Body Guard service among potential customers.

At BSB Canada, our goal is to create and place general advertising with maximum precision.

To do this, we want to know more about your customers than you do.

We consult established research resources such as PMB Print Measurement Bureau, and then examine consumer attitudes and values through bsb’s proprietary study, GlobalScan.

Careful consideration of demographic and psychographic data from these sources, in conjunction with client-supplied research, leads us to establish two target groups for Body Guard.

The primary target audience is defined as current policyholders aged 35+, particularly long-absence vacationers.

They tend to live in the Windsor, Ont.-to-Montreal corridor, residing in large and small population centres.

They are what GlobalScan calls Adapters, people who recognize and respect new ideas but do not lose touch with traditional values.

A secondary target group of potential policyholders aged 25-49 with children, who tend to be short-term vacationers, is also recommended.

For this group, protecting their families is key; they will likely respond favorably to safety-oriented added-value, particularly when combined with the means of protecting their family’s financial future.

Our strategy for media selection and execution will be to emphasize those vehicles most effective against present policyholders because of their importance to the current business base, allocating media resources primarily against this group.

Addressing current policyholders via direct mail is an effective means of establishing awareness of Body Guard with those most likely to use this service, and is an optimal use of the existing database.

The precision of direct mail should be supplemented with broader-reaching vehicles used in a focussed/tactical manner.

This media mix will establish awareness of Body Guard and increase depth of sale with current clients.

To this end, television will be used to provide primarily Ontario-regional and Montreal-specific coverage.

Properties such as news, documentaries (for example, 60 Minutes), and special interest programs (such as Time of Your Life, 50 Up) will be bought with consideration given to appropriate (albeit national) specialty networks such as Vision and CBC Newsworld.

Ongoing sponsorship of The Weather Network’s Traveller’s Forecast will provide strong synergy of message with the benefits Body Guard provides.

A second tier of support – newspapers – will effectively reach adults 35+, as well as lighter tv viewers.

The depth of copy available allows detailed communication of all of Body Guard’s benefits.

Large space ads will be used in major urban dailies to launch the campaign, with banners rotated through selected sections (for example, travel, business, lifestyle) for continuity in the post-launch period.

Community newspapers will also be included to address the non-urban policy base.

The desire to build a life partnership and, thereby, increase long-term business prospects leads into our secondary campaign targetting families.

Direct mail will again be used, with likely prospects sourced through family-oriented magazine lists, such as those of Today’s Parent and Canadian Living.

Precise communication with families will also be achieved through a carefully considered partnership with a media company.

Leveraging an association with family-oriented properties will strengthen Body Guard’s perception in consumers’ minds as a family protector.

The greatest leverage is achieved by using one source, and using the best and most targetted of their properties.

Our first partner choice would be Telemedia, with the focus of negotiations being radio (Parent Report, CTV News Radio Network, Canadian Living Show) and magazines (Canadian Living, Healthwatch, Homemaker’s, TV Guide.)

With Telemedia, opportunities are created with Blue Jays baseball.

Involvement in in-stadium and broadcast vehicles will address Body Guard’s two target groups and effectively reach southern Ontario residents.

It will also associate Body Guard with a family sport, and a baseball club that is hugely successful and respected.

Trips to Jays spring training camp in Dunedin, Fla. will be offered as a consumer incentive in conjunction with this program.

Lastly, we will introduce an interactive element into the communication mix, via consumer shows.

This could include The Home Show, The Travel and Leisure Show, and The Parent Show.

Setting up kiosks, dealing with consumers one-on-one, having a demonstration of how the Body Guard system works, including examples of all materials available to policyholders, will provide the sales organization with additional, qualified leads.

We have provided Body Guard with a total communications plan, which combines precise targetting with an integrated and innovative media approach.

We feel this multi-tiered program will successfully launch Body Guard to prime prospects, resulting in business growth and image revitalization.

Karen Reiser Sayed is vice-president, associate media director at Toronto-based BSB Canada.