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InfoNet/GIFT ventureInfonet Media and the Grocery Industry Foundation...Together (gift) have teamed up for a 60-brand fundraising event for children's charities.InfoNet Media will distribute infoShelf coupons in the aisles of major food stores across Ontario, with 15 cents from each coupon going...

InfoNet/GIFT venture

Infonet Media and the Grocery Industry Foundation…Together (gift) have teamed up for a 60-brand fundraising event for children’s charities.

InfoNet Media will distribute infoShelf coupons in the aisles of major food stores across Ontario, with 15 cents from each coupon going to such charities as the Kids Help Phone, The Bob Rumball School for the Hearing Impaired and the Children’s Hospitals of Eastern and Western Ontario.

InfoNet Media and gift will support the fundraising with in-store advertising, buttons for grocery staff, balloons for display and radio public service announcements. Media tags will be available for participating brands to add to their broadcast advertising.

The in-store fundraising runs from July 18 to Aug. 26.

New service at Head Research

A Montreal-based research house, Head Research, is offering clients a new service that allows them to buy focus groups by the ‘slice.’

The 50-minute interface sessions, offered monthly in Toronto and Montreal, cost $1,250 per focus group, rather than what Head Research says is the usual $2,500 to $4,000 cost for custom-ordered focus groups.

Head Research can lower focus group costs by having several clients share the same participants, although the findings of each group remain the private property of the study sponsors.

Focus groups are audio- and video-recorded and research results are available within 48 hours of their completion.

Company President Melinda Head says the interface sessions are a direct response to changing economic times.

HK ad supplement starts up

Choice Communications (Canada), a Vancouver-based public relations firm, is launching a regular advertising supplement in Hong Kong and China to help b.c. companies establish business contacts in the crown colony and the People’s Republic.

The monthly supplement’s first issue is due out March 28. It is called Canadian Showcase and will appear, also monthly, in Ta Kung Pao, one of the few Hong Kong newspapers allowed extensive circulation in China.

Ta Kung Pao, owned by Chinese government interests, has more than 300,000 readers who work in government and industry.

Canadian to head POPAI board

The Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute (popai) in Englewood, n.j. has named its first Canadian chairman of the board for the 1994-95 fiscal year.

Donald Ferguson, president of Gor-Don Metal Products in Scarborough, Ont., moves up from his position as first vice-chairman.

Almost 40% of popai’s membership comes from outside the u.s.

Smokeless McDonald’s

About 500 McDonald’s restaurants have gone smoke-free.

After 18 months of testing by the fast food chain in the u.s. and by McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, all 253 corporately owned outlets in this country, and 50% of the franchised concerns went smoke-free March 7.

Susan Pennie, a spokeswoman for McDonald’s in Canada, says it is too soon to say if the chain will use its no-smoking policy as a marketing tactic. Pennie does say the policy will be promoted at the restaurant level.

There are more than 700 McDonald’s corporate and franchised restaurants in Canada.