Package Designer Of The Year: Spencer Francey Peters

Product: Black's Memories private label filmClient: Black PhotoPackage design firm: Spencer Francey PetersObjectives:To increase the quality perception of Black's' private label film.The challenge:Consumer research established that the public generally viewed Black's as a superior photo finishing house.When it came to buying...

Product: Black’s Memories private label film

Client: Black Photo

Package design firm: Spencer Francey Peters


To increase the quality perception of Black’s’ private label film.

The challenge:

Consumer research established that the public generally viewed Black’s as a superior photo finishing house.

When it came to buying film however, customers automatically requested the national brands they were accustomed to using.

Although Black’s employees made a point of suggesting Black’s’ brand of film, promising that the quality was equivalent to the national brands, customers were hesitant to try it.

Memories offered quality, value and a distinct service.

The design challenge was therefore to communicate national brand quality at a competitive price while achieving superior shelf stand-out.

The design solution:

Creation of a powerful Memories identity that clearly communicates ‘premium’ was achieved through use of rich colors such as bronze and black, and sentimental, nostalgic photography.

The use of photography as part of the packaging clearly differentiates Memories from the competition, and communicates that the Black’s Memories film and processing service is of preferred quality.

The design ensures a clear segmentation between Memories and other Black’s brand varieties, and successfully stands up to the national brand competitors.

It proved flexible enough to work across several services and products: canisters, envelopes, film boxes, menu boards and the Memories membership card (an entitlement to 25% off all Memories photofinishing services.)

The results:

The Memories program has only begun to appear in stores, therefore no business results are available.

Research results clearly indicate the Memories packaging does communicate a more premium positioning versus the current Black’s offering.

Furthermore, respondents found the packaging overall to be extremely appealing, evoking the idea of memories and the specialness of pictures worth preserving.

Product: Homestead Pasta Sauces and Salsas

Client: E.D. Smith & Sons

Package design firm: Spencer Francey Peters

The challenge:

- To extend the existing E.D. Smith market by entering new categories with high quality, competitively priced products packaged in cost-effective, environment-responsible packaging.

- To transfer the E.D. Smith quality and heritage conventionally associated with items such as jam and fruit products into non-traditional E.D. Smith categories such as pasta sauce and salsa.

The design solution:

1. Pasta Sauce – Various visual elements were maintained from typical E.D. Smith packaging including the arch shape top, the prominent logo and display of fresh ingredients.

The E.D. Smith heritage was reinforced by conveying the feeling the ingredients are high quality and hand-picked that morning. Principle front faces are created by panels that are reminiscent of photographs or recipes from an album.

The use of a romantically inspired vignette illustration of a homestead contributes to the E.D. Smith heritage and gives the feel this product could have been created by Christina Smith herself.

Quality is enhanced through the use of stock gold caps (unpainted so there is no impact on cost), textured side panels and rich colors.

Use of a maximum of four colors and a textured background that is digitally manipulated contribute to reduced art and film costs.

An environmentally sound stripped water varnish on the front face further enhances the premium nature of the product and reduces label damage in shipping and handling.

2. Salsa – As salsa is a product with more social occasion use, it can be depicted as playful while still fitting into the same Homestead Family identity as the pasta sauce.

The Homestead thus becomes a Mexican ranch-style dwelling that has been moved to the desert.

The ring of color creates the principle front face, consistent with the pasta label, however, the variation in color and illustration differentiate the two offerings.

A sandstone textured background is digitally created to complement the Mexican/ desert feel, while a digitally swung color version assists in reducing costs.

Stock colored recyclable caps and stock glass jars keep packaging costs to a minimum.

The results:

Both new products have been enthusiastically received by the trade, achieving excellent distribution versus objectives.

We are awaiting results on consumer take-away.

Product: Avon Life multivitamin and multimineral formulas

Client: Avon Canada

Package design firm: Spencer Francey Peters

The challenge:

- To extend the Avon market beyond the beauty and skin care category by introduction of a distinctive vitamin product.

- To communicate this specialty product’s exceptional quality and natural ingredients.

- To communicate the fact that the realm of Avon products reached beyond the traditional Avon offerings, and specifically that each product is formulated according to gender and life stage.

The design solution:

Five skus were formulated: Woman I, Woman II, Man, Teen and Child.

Spencer Francey Peters developed the Avon Life wordmark with careful consideration to the recent consumer shift from an interest in fitness to a growing concern for overall good health and well-being.

The wordmark effectively maintains the Avon logo, and links it to the hand-lettering of the word ‘life’ in such a way, that it communicates energy and vitality.

Maintaining low production costs was a constant concern throughout the project.

The use of stock recyclable bottles and caps for all skus helped reduce the costs of production significantly.

A family identity was created which clearly differentiated individual offerings by color and illustration, highlighting contents and appealing to the intended user.

The three skus shown include:

Woman Formula II: a botanical array of flowers, fresh herbs and fruit with a wispy, feminine and natural feel, clearly defining the female user.

Man Formula: deep rich colors convey masculine and natural, anatomical illustrations communicates well-being and peace of mind.

Child Formula: the illustration and bursts of bright color appeal to children and are quite distinct in relation to the other skus, yet the Child Formula is clearly part of the overall natural and good-for-you family.

The results:

Although quantifiable business results are not yet available, consumer research proved that the design effectively communicated the product was derived from all natural ingredients.

In relation to the other vitamin products being tested, it also scored the highest rating for communicating quality.