Search is on for Canada’s top young creative team

The winning team will get a free trip to Lions 95 International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France. The team will compete in a creative shoot-out against young teams from around the world.For the past several years, organizers of the International Advertising...

The winning team will get a free trip to Lions 95 International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France. The team will compete in a creative shoot-out against young teams from around the world.

For the past several years, organizers of the International Advertising Festival in Cannes have provided special incentives to encourage young creative people to attend the event, held each year during the third week of June.

The festival is considered by many to be the premier advertising awards show in the world today.

This year, the youth initiative has been expanded with the creation of a ‘Young Creatives Print Competition.’

This is how it works:

Countries from around the world are invited to each send one young creative team to represent their country at the competition.

The teams will arrive on Sunday, one day before the festival officially begins.

Each team will be asked to create a print advertising campaign based on a brief for a fictitious client.

The creative teams will have at their disposal the latest technology from Apple, one of the sponsors of the competition, as well as access to other print-related production technology, such as a stock photo library.

The teams will then create and produce one print campaign each. All the campaigns will be displayed in a gallery setting at the festival’s Palais des Festival.

The advertising will be seen by more than 4,000 festival delegates, many of them the world’s top names in advertising.

Later in the week, the actual festival press and poster judges will vote on the campaigns and the winning team will be honored at a Black Tie awards ceremony for the international Press and Poster winners on Tuesday night.

The Canadian selection

Cineplex Odeon, the International Advertising Festival’s official representative in Canada, Canadian Airlines International and The Partners’ Film Company, are jointly sponsoring the young Canadian team.

Together, they are providing air fare, hotel accommodation and delegate fees.

Strategy magazine is helping the sponsors conduct a talent search across Canada.

We are looking for the best young creative team to represent Canada at Cannes.

Here’s how our search will work

We have created a competition of our own, open to creative people across Canada. Any creative team, working at an accredited ad agency may enter. Both members of the team must be less than 30 years of age.

There is no limit on the numbers of teams that may enter from each agency. However, each team is limited to one entry.

Also, each creative person can enter only once. No creative person can be a member of more than one team.

Our competition will also involve creating an original ad or ad campaign based on an imaginary brief.

Our brief

A daily magazine is published every day during the six-day festival with news about the preceding day’s events.

It is published on glossy stock.

Here is your assignment.

Imagine that the Canadian advertising community has booked a full page of advertising space in each issue.

The objective of the advertising campaign, quite simply, is to promote the collective Canadian advertising product.

In effect, the agency community here has banded together to tell the Cannes festival attendees – who represent the world’s advertising elite – that Canada is a world player.

Think of this as a house ad campaign for Canadian advertising.

The creative

You have six full-page ads at your disposal. It is up to you to use them in any way you wish. The project is wide open. It could be one creative concept repeated six times, or it could be six executions.

The creative must be able to work in at least French and English, but it does not necessarily have to use French and English. Ideally, the concept would work in any language.

The judging

We will assemble a panel of judges from across Canada.

The judges, representing leading advertising professionals, will vote on the submissions individually, scoring each on a scale of one-to-10.

The winner will be determined by a straight numerical average. (In the case of a conflict, a judge will refrain from voting, and the score on that submission will be averaged over one less judge.)

The specs

The space measures 8′ X 11.5′


There is no charge for entry.

Creative must be presented on one board, preferably in the format of artwork mounted on a rigid cardboard background, such as foamcore.

The presentation should not exceed one metre in either height or width.

Three copies of each submission will be required.

We also ask, in keeping with the spirit of the competition in Cannes, that creative concepts not be reviewed, or in any way altered, by senior creative staff.


Finished artwork must be submitted to Marci Davies at Cineplex Odeon, 1303 Yonge Street, Toronto no later than April 17, 1995.

There will be no extensions or exceptions to this deadline.

A pre-screening may be conducted, depending on the number of submissions.