Winners by Category – Business Products & Services



Client: DuPont Canada

Campaign: Harmony Total Durum Italy Program

Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide

Creative Director: Pete McLeod

Copywriter: Bob Snow

Art Director: Matthew Gyulay

Photographer: Michael Cooper

As a leading chemical manufacturer, DuPont is only too aware that farmers are often too busy to open their mail. Yet, to promote its chemical herbicide, Harmony Total, introduced a year earlier, the company had to target a specific farmer – those who were growing durum wheat. Canada is the world’s largest exporter of durum wheat, which is used to make pasta. In fact, 18% of the country’s wheat fields are devoted to the grain. DuPont is the first manufacturer to zero in on that huge market.

The strategy was to generate excitement with a sweepstakes promotion – a draw for a trip to Italy. To encourage the opening of the mail package, the outside visual was compelling – featuring a grower sitting in a wheat field, sipping an espresso. Inside, the text didn’t depend on the traditional herbicide copy – weed woes and lower yields – but instead focused on the pride hard-working Canadian growers should feel, since their work resonates on a global level.

Using the company’s extensive database, DuPont targeted almost 4,000 durum farmers – those who used Harmony in the previous year and those who hadn’t. The objectives were modest – a 10% response rate and a commitment to spray 20,000 acres. The results went far beyond that. Response was just over 30%, while confirmed acreage spray was almost triple what was hoped for. With sales of over $1.2 million, the return on investment for the program was a whopping 2,720%.


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