Chrysler goes retro-modern with distinctive arch

Client: DaimlerChrysler Canada...

Client: DaimlerChrysler Canada

Exhibit builder: Worden-Watson

Category D: Exhibits over 601 square feet

Winner of the Lange Transportation Award of Excellence


This exhibit for Chrysler brand vehicles was built in 1999 to communicate the manufacturer’s new marketing strategy. The exhibit consists of an arch with a Chrysler brand logo, a raised hardwood platform large enough to showcase up to three vehicles, and a reversible turntable to showcase a featured vehicle for each show. The exhibit was used at the Toronto Auto Show and the Montreal Auto Show in early 2000.

Client Objectives:

DaimlerChrysler’s marketing strategy had changed from corporate branding to product branding. Chrysler vehicles were to be presented separately, with an exhibit that would be upscale and retro-modern, conveying a hint of yesteryear while retaining an expressive, athletic and youthful appearance.

Regardless of which Chrysler vehicle was to be featured, the display had to reflect the brand personality of the entire family of Chrysler vehicles. Above all, the Chrysler logo had to reflect the change in focus.

The client also needed an exciting way of presenting the new PT Cruiser and the new Chrysler Caravan to the press and the public at both the Montreal and Toronto shows.

Objectives Achieved:

The exhibit was designed to accommodate up to four vehicles – all on a raised platform designed to elevate the featured vehicles. The arch and support columns were designed in a retro style reflecting the ’30s and ’40s, while modern-looking finishes and detail conveyed the future of the brand. The angles incorporated into the arch highlighted the Chrysler logo, and presented the brand without a heavy structure.

The Chrysler logo was set off from the face of the exhibit with a halo effect in a vibrant blue neon light. The column colour harmonized with the natural hardwood flooring and the wood-grained accent trim, giving the structure a clean and distinctive look.

The metal railing and trim were designed to tie in with the advertising for the new Chrysler PT Cruiser – the first vehicle launched under the new product branding initiative – but could easily be changed, depending on the featured product.

The arch was easily converted into a stage-like structure for media events, where the new PT Cruiser and Chrysler Caravan burst through a paper print. Once the official launch was over, the turntable allowed for up-close public viewing of the featured vehicles.

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