Lifestyle murals build brand for DaimlerChrysler

Client: DaimlerChrysler Canada...

Client: DaimlerChrysler Canada

Exhibit builder: Worden-Watson

Category F: Best use of visual imaging

Winner of the Jones & Morris Photo Digital Imaging Award of Excellence


The entrance wall created for the Toronto Auto Show in February 2000 was 130 feet long by 16 feet high. The structure was designed to showcase DaimlerChrysler’s various brands – Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge. Each brand had its own section of the wall, where a large mural served to communicate its distinct personality. The wall provided a backdrop for the vehicles on display.

Client Objectives:

DaimlerChrysler had switched its marketing strategy to product branding. Having secured prominent space at the Toronto Auto Show, the client wanted to use this opportunity to reinforce the image of its brands.

The wall was to be broken into three distinct segments, each reinforcing one of the brands through use of a ‘lifestyle’ backdrop. Each lifestyle backdrop had to convey the particular personality of the brand in question. At the same time, all three brands had to be portrayed in similar style, to reflect a single corporate brand.

The brand personalities break down this way: the Chrysler brand is expressive, athletic, refined and upscale; the Jeep brand is adventurous, innovative, confident, active, fun and free-spirited; the Dodge brand is strong, powerful and precise.

Objectives Achieved:

The objectives were achieved using a large pre-constructed back wall to support each lifestyle backdrop and brand logo.

Each logo was sized and formed to proper scale, in balance with the total wall space. The logos were constructed in three-dimensional form, and positioned several inches from the wall to create a sense of depth.

Lifestyle images were carefully selected to fit the brand personalities, and the backdrops were produced as overlays rather than printed directly on the wall, to permit future use at other events (and to meet budget requirements). Lighting from below and above was used to ensure that both the wall and the products on display were illuminated appropriately.

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