Zero Knowledge goes minimalist

Client: Zero Knowledge Systems...

Client: Zero Knowledge Systems

Exhibit Builder: The Taylor Group

Category B: Exhibits under 240 square feet

Winner of the Business Events Guide Award of Excellence


The design of this exhibit is modern and minimalist, comprising two columns outfitted with monitors. Suspended above the columns is a banner bearing the company name over the phrase ‘Internet Privacy Solutions’ and off to the sides are two stools to facilitate client interaction along with space for storage. The word ‘Freedom’ is prominently featured on oval panels at the top of each column.

Client Objectives:

The objective was to enable the client, an information technology-based company, to establish a presence in an exhibit environment.

Objectives Achieved:

Zero Knowledge Systems markets tools that protect personal privacy while enabling companies to build consumer trust in a digital society. In a networked world, Zero Knowledge is laying the technological foundations for privacy-enhanced communications and commerce between individuals and the companies, governments and organizations with which they interact.

The exhibit presents a graphic interpretation of a society in search of personal security in an age of limitless digital information.

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