First step flawed

I enjoyed reading David Todd's editorial entitled, 'Why do we bother?' (Nov. 20, '00)...

I enjoyed reading David Todd’s editorial entitled, ‘Why do we bother?’ (Nov. 20, ’00)

It certainly enlightened me on the seven steps Strategy takes in deciding its Agency of the Year.

However, I think a big problem lies with the first step.

How can you really know what work agencies are doing just by phoning and asking an opinion?

Does a creative director from ‘Agency A’ really know what work ‘Agency B’ is doing?

Like any creative process, I would argue that the first step is the most important and if that it is flawed, then so is the end result.

Of course, I am biased because I work at J. Walter Thompson, which finished second in the National Post’s Agency of the Year contest.

Allow me to send you our reel and see how it stacks up against your shortlist.

Fred Roberts

Senior Art Director

J. Walter Thompson

Toronto, Ont.