Parrot doing its job

(Re: Baseline: 'Spots during Ally McBeal a mixed bag,' Jan. 1, '00)...

(Re: Baseline: ‘Spots during Ally McBeal a mixed bag,’ Jan. 1, ’00)

Barry Base wrote: ‘Do you know what an Interac is? Good. Because if you didn’t, the spot with the man and the parrot won’t help.’

Maybe this will.

Most Canadians know what an Interac is. Nineteen out of 20 adults, 19 times out of 20, based on a sample of 2,000.

Which is just about as good as it gets.

But nothing like as many, when prompted, refer to the service by name.

Hence the parrot.

Given the fact that Mr. Base was prompted to use the name four times in a single paragraph, I’d say the ad’s working.

Scott Griffith

Account Director

Axmith McIntyre Wicht

Toronto, Ont.

P.S. The loops are the handles on a shopping bag, Barry. You should get out more often.