Mandrake doesn’t build brands

(Re: 'Agencies, consultants battle for their share,' Feb. 12, '01)...

(Re: ‘Agencies, consultants battle for their share,’ Feb. 12, ’01)

While our clients might consider Mandrake worthy of such high praise as business strategists and marketers along the lines of

McKinsey, Bain and KPMG, we have chosen specifically to focus our efforts on the noble task of building exceptional organizations through services such as executive search, mergers and acquisitions advisory services, development of strategic alliances and business partners, and organizational development.

We feel it best to leave the actual creation and management of brands and corporate identity to our partners and valued customers, consulting firms and advertising agencies.

We know building brands and corporate strategy is a profession that requires the greatest care and diligence. It is not a service we have ever offered, nor have we any intention of competing with some of our best and most valued clients.

Stéfan Danis

President & CEO


Toronto, Ont.