The right match

Molson Export and the WWF...

Molson Export and the WWF

Jo-Ann McArthur, Vice-President, Marketing Assets

Sylvie Levesque, Marketing Manager, Molson Export


The goal

To capture the imagination and win the loyalty of males ages 19 to 34 by associating Export with a strong A-level sports and entertainment property. We also want to build on the momentum created with the ‘Had Ex today?’ campaign.

The brand

Ex’s positioning is based on giving guys permission to take a break from their everyday responsibilities and just enjoy being a guy from time to time – it’s all about balance. The brand character: Male, great sense of humour, enduring, traditional.

The sponsorship

Export entered into a multi-year sponsorship agreement with the World Wrestling Federation as the exclusive beer sponsor of the WWF trademarks in Canada. This covers broadcast, Internet and promotional programs, such as in-case and on-premise activity.

Export will be sponsoring the popular WWF programs Raw is War, Live Wire, and SmackDown. We recently launched the sponsorship with an in-case promotion in Ontario offering one of four collectible WWF/Export T-shirts in every specially marked case of 24 Ex, through mid-April.

Starting in April, select bars and restaurants across the province will offer beer drinkers the opportunity to win Ex/WWF prizes. These include tickets to an upcoming Toronto WWF live event and a grand prize draw for a VIP trip to a WWF event in New York City. This NYC trip will also be given away through selected radio stations across the province.

The right match

This was the right match because both partners have the same target: Nineteen- to 34-year-old males.

In fact, 36% of males of Legal Drinking Age (LDA) through age 34 watch wrestling on TV, and these viewers significantly over-index as beer drinkers. WWF Raw is War is TSN’s number one-rated show with this demographic, and has a higher adult LDA-to-34 viewer composition (42%) than Major League Baseball, National Hockey League and National Football League games.

Ex and the WWF are a perfect fit when it comes to brand personality, as well. Export is the beer that’s all about balance; Ex advocates taking time with the guys away from the everyday rules and stresses. The WWF offers very targeted, very masculine entertainment that is definitely a reprieve from the real world.

Although this sponsorship just kicked off on Valentine’s Day, we’ve seen great results from a recent program that leverages the above data.

To advertise the December 2000 Export Internet ‘Had Ex today’ e-card program (which had nothing to do with the WWF sponsorship), banner ads were placed on’s site. The response to the ad in’s wrestling section was 500% higher than industry average and 338% higher than the rest of the campaign.

Benson & Hedges and Bat Cave’s @Night program

Andrew Turner, President

Bat Cave Productions

The goal

With the restrictions placed on tobacco companies by changes to tobacco legislation last year, Benson & Hedges was forced to rethink its sponsorship strategy. Each sponsored event could now only take place in adult-only venues.

The marketing goal was to reinforce the Benson & Hedges presence and relationship with the 19-to-24 demographic by attracting them to Canada’s top urban nightclubs.

The brand

The Benson & Hedges brand is leading edge, ambitious, urban and ever-evolving.

The sponsorship

Toronto-based Bat Cave Productions developed @Night, a value-added events program that reinforces the Benson & Hedges brand by appealing to the existing club culture.

Events are limited to clubs that cater to the influential decision-makers in the club-going market, namely, DJs, promoters, Internet/ radio personalities, urban/club magazines, club owners and, of course, true party revelers.

Upon entering a venue, there is no mistaking that it is a Benson & Hedges event. Stunning, elaborate, branded décor, 3-D animations and live video mixing – incorporating the Benson & Hedges name and logo – enhance the awesome sounds provided by some of the dance scene’s top DJs.

Cigarette girls wear striking gold and silver costumes representing the trademark Benson & Hedges name brands. Interesting hors d’oeuvres such as chocolate fruit fondue are supplied by equally striking servers.

Some of the most successful and memorable parties have been hosted on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings, off-nights for most, but not for this crowd. Visual and aural stimuli coupled with intense and entertaining go-go dancers stir the crowd into a frenzy until the celebrated guest DJ is set to thrill the dance crowd, listeners and on-lookers.

@Night events have featured such internationally recognized talents as Danny Tenaglia, Ritchie Hawtin, Seth Fontaine, Jr. Sanchez and Armand Van Heldon.

Events have also included pyrotechnic extravaganzas with synchronized dance crews, fire breathers, aerial acrobats and live performances by innovative instrumental troupes such as Japan’s Kodo drummers.

Since the launch 11 months ago of the @Night program, there have been 85 separate events at top nightclubs in Toronto (The Guvernment, The Living Room, System Soundbar), Calgary (Escape) and Vancouver (Commodore, Plaza, Sonar).

The right match

The @Night program is an ideal match. All of the elements – from the B&H brand, to the events, to the clientele – are innovative and exciting. This creates the definitive ‘feedback loop’ by having the desired influencers and club-goers embrace the brand, thus establishing credibility on a broader scale across the Canadian urban dance club scene.

B&H has chosen to seamlessly fuse its message with its targeted audience in a location where the company is most likely to find potential customers – without infringing on those who choose not to participate.

Hasbro’s Super Soaker and YTV’s Weird on Wheels event

Tim Cormick, Director, Co-marketing

YTV Canada

The goal

Hasbro’s goal was to keep Super Soaker top of mind as the hot item for summer – the toy that you just gotta have. YTV’s Weird on Wheels (WOW) offered an opportunity to reach kids in communities across the country.

The brands

YTV’s Weird on Wheels is a travelling extension of the network. Each summer, WOW takes the ‘Keep it Weird’ experience of YTV out into the community, providing kids with a truckload of weird and wacky entertainment and interactivity.

Hasbro’s Super Soaker offers outdoor fun for the kids and their families. The Super Soaker is a revolutionary water delivery system that represents the latest wave technology. Each blast of water delivers the largest, most powerful blast of water yet. No batteries required.

The sponsorship

Hasbro Super Soaker is a primary sponsor of YTV’s Weird on Wheels. The sponsorship includes both off- and online media to support WOW and the Super Soaker Splash Stash event. Thirty-second spots air throughout the summer, providing viewers with information on WOW’s cross-country schedule.

The Super Soaker Splash Stash game fills the entire back panel of the WOW truck. When the doors swing open the zany game begins: four contestants simultaneously aim their Super Soakers at a series of holes in a bid to fill a measuring beaker before their opponents do.

The Hasbro Super Soaker television spot and online game are also shown on the vehicle’s giant television screen, in between programming.

The right match

The Super Soaker and Weird on Wheels are well matched, demographically and seasonally. The two brands are proven leaders in their field and provide kids and families with fun entertainment.

Last year’s Weird on Wheels’ schedule, which consisted of 150 event days, posted its highest-ever traffic – attracting a total of more than 400,000 kids and families.

TD Waterhouse and the Toronto Raptors

D’Arcy McDonald, Alliance Marketing Manager

TD Waterhouse

The goal

The goal for both the Raptors and TD Waterhouse was to speak to potential customers in a new way, by developing and nurturing online customer relationships.

More than 70% of all TD Waterhouse transactions happen online, so by developing relationships with Raptors fans online, we are pre-qualifying future prospects. If a fan has a positive experience, we are creating a propensity with that client to do business with us in the future.

The brand

The TD Waterhouse brand is leading edge, innovative and secure.

The sponsorship

‘Score with TD Waterhouse’ marks the first time in NBA history that a corporate sponsor of one of its 29 teams has leveraged an online relationship. The contest offers Toronto Raptors fans in the Greater Toronto Area the chance to win prizes by clicking on the contest banner at or between Feb. 7 and March 29, 2001.

The online initiative involves over $100,000 worth of prizes, including a grand prize trip for two to the TD Waterhouse Centre in Orlando, Fla. The online promotion was developed by Integram Marketing Group and is powered by

The right match

The success of TD Waterhouse online and the reputation and awareness the Raptors bring to the relationship provided a solid basis for promoting both brands. The two companies have created a contest that complements the brands involved, while reaching out to a new demographic. The contest has had over 13,000 registrations in its first three weeks, a huge success by industry standards.

Ricoh Canada and Toronto’s Coliseum

Christine Tomaselli, Marketing and Communications Manager

Ricoh Canada

The goal

Toronto’s Coliseum is a landmark facility with a rich history that chronicles Toronto’s roots. As corporate naming sponsor of the Coliseum, Ricoh stands to make huge strides toward gaining provincial, national and international recognition as the Coliseum becomes valued for its state-of-the art design, diverse event offerings and affordable family entertainment.

The brand

Ricoh’s brand attributes include dependability, quality, integrity, manufacturing superiority, sensitivity to the environment, good corporate citizenship, and a global presence.

The sponsorship

Ricoh has signed a 10-year agreement with the Coliseum Entertainment Centre, with the option of two five-year renewal periods after that.

Included in Ricoh’s agreement is a two-sided marquee sign on the roof of the Coliseum facing the Gardiner Expressway, Ricoh’s name over all entrances, and rink board signs opposite camera locations during all hockey games and other events. The Ricoh logo will also appear on the ice surface at appropriate times during play, on the planned electronic seat-back display screens and in many other locations.

Ricoh Canada will also be named as an official supplier to the Toronto Roadrunners Hockey Club. The company will be provided with four high-traffic locations and an on-site business centre to showcase its products.

The right match

Since the goal of this sponsorship is to expose the Ricoh brand to a broad demographic and the largest number of people, the Coliseum fits the bill. As well as being visible from the Gardiner, the signage will also be seen by the high volume of people visiting various events at the nearby National Trade Centre. The sponsorship will engender goodwill among fans who will appreciate having an affordable alternative to the pricier SkyDome and Air Canada Centre venues.

Dial soap and

Cindy Demers, Vice-President, Corporate and Government Affairs

The Dial Corporation

The goal

We have several goals: increasing awareness of Dial soap among our key target audience of women with children; leveraging the growing impact of the Internet on women’s lives, particularly as it relates to using the Web as an information source; and driving traffic to Dial’s Web site.

The brand

Dial is positioned as offering trusted antibacterial protection for the whole family and is known as the number one doctor-recommended brand.

The sponsorship

Dial’s year-long sponsorship of consists of two minutes of commercial time daily on Mom Chat and The Granny Review, two of’s popular online shows.

The shows speak directly to women, the key purchase decision-makers for personal care products. During these Webcasts, Dial is running the same television spots that we broadcast on network and cable television. The sponsorship also includes links between the two companies’ Web sites, Dial’s logo on the bottom right corner of the viewing page, and product placement on the sets as appropriate.

The right match

This is the right sponsorship for Dial because there is a perfect match between our target demo and the viewing audience. The family-friendly programming mission of The Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Company meets our programming placement parameters, and the programs offer a perfect environment for our creative executions.

Of course, the overall impressions and cost efficiencies in reaching our target via an alternative media channel were also factored into the decision to participate.

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