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Techies at Home

Techies at Home

The Cornerstone Group of Companies List Management Division is now the list manager for High Tech Consumers at Home. This is a list of online registrants who have purchased and registered technology products via a modem (consumers have purchased products at a retail level and registered online from home). The list, which counts 25,421, offers selects including gender, FSA and hotline and telephone numbers. The list is updated quarterly. For more information, contact Cornerstone at (416) 932-9555 ext. 196.

Gerber Parents

Watts List Management recently updated its Gerber (Canada) list of English and French parents of children from birth to three years of age. The names – 67,952 English parents and 19,529 French parents – have all been acquired solely through direct response. For more information, contact Watts at (416) 252-7741.

Investors of all kinds

Watts is also list manager for Successful Investor’s Canadian files. The masterfile reaches 39,870 current subscribers and recent expires from four investment newsletters published by Successful Investor. Publications include The Successful Investor (the flagship publication), The Stock Picker (for the aggressive investor), Canadian Wealth Advisor (for the conservative investor) and Wall Street Stock Forecaster (for the active investor). Special rates for fundraising and non-investment-related offers are available.