Direct tech

While fluorescent-hued slush drinks from the cornerstore might have once been the ultimate choice for the after-high-school crowd, these days, there are many other bevvies competing to quench teens' thirst.

Customer-triggered e-mail service launches

Ernex Marketing Technologies, provider of marketing solutions for merchants, credit card and bank card issuers and large membership organizations, unveiled its latest product capability.

Ernex Instant Email is designed to allow clients to tailor a message and deliver it to the e-mail account of a customer, which could be a desktop computer, a wireless phone or wireless device.

According to the company, credit card issuers, retailers, restaurateurs and marketers can use Ernex Instant Email to receive critical real-time customer information from point of sale – customer transactions over a certain dollar value, transactions from the location’s top 50 customers and the awarding of instant sweepstakes prizes, for example, can all trigger e-mail notifications. Both point of sale and the e-mail account of the customer can be updated simultaneously – for example, e-mails can be delivered that are customized depending on the product that is being purchased by the customer.

Transparent loyalty card for students debuts

Toronto-based bilingual marketing and communications firm The Reverb Group is launching one of Canada’s first see-through consumer cards under its Student Price Card/Carte Tarif Etudiant loyalty brand, the loyalty program for more than 625,000 secondary school and university and college student members across Canada.

The company is calling it a test for other credit/debit card manufacturers and issuers on the effectiveness and client application of such an innovative design and use of materials (there are cards with holograms or varying degrees of translucent application, however, most of these are for special-purpose and limited use). The new translucent Student Price Card, equipped with a bar code, is easily readable by point-of-sale technology.