Customer Service Programs



Client: Hoffman-La Roche Ltd.

Campaign: Xenical BodyWellness Support Program

Agency: CPC Healthcare Communications

Creative Director: Sheila Freshwater, CPC Healthcare Communications

Copywriters: Marion Raycheba and Donna Weldon, freelance

Art Director: Sheila Freshwater

In 1999, the launch of Xenical (orlistat), a prescription obesity product, included a program to support patients in their weight loss efforts. Despite the program’s initial success, manufacturer Hoffmann-La Roche decided to take its key learnings and re-launch the support program in January 2001. The new program focused on the need for more dietary counselling at the outset and the need to promote enrolment in the program without relying solely on physicians and pharmacists.

The strategy for 2001 consisted of new acquisition tools and a revised retention program, including, among other things, customized meal plans for every patient and a series of mailings containing targeted messages based on specific patient profiles.

Data from the previous program also revealed that the first Xenical prescription repeat was crucial to patient persistency on the drug, so an outbound call was scheduled to coincide with patients’ renewal dates.

The new acquisition program included an ‘on pack’ booklet to ensure that every patient who received Xenical was aware of the program and had access to a 1-800 enrolment number. In addition, the program provided tools (brochures, videos, and samples) to support physicians in discussing the benefits of Xenical and promoting the program with their patients.

From launch to mid-June, the enrolment rate more than doubled that of the previous program.


Canada Post Corporation for its ‘Grow Your Business’ program, developed in-house.


TD Canada Trust for its ‘TD Canada Trust Integration’ mailing, developed by Response Innovations Corp.