Direct Mail



Client: Q9 Networks Inc.

Campaign: Mission Possible

Agency: Glavin & Associates

Creative Director: Ingrid Rubin

Copywriter: Mark Stewart

Art Director: Mark Johnston

Q9 Networks was launched in September 2000 to provide managed Internet infrastructure services for organizations that rely on the Internet. It wanted to build its brand and educate prospects about the cost savings that could be realized by outsourcing to such a company.

A key part of that learning curve included a tour of the Q9 Internet data centre in Toronto – the goal was to book tours for at least 10% of the targeted businesses (companies in Southern Ontario who had made or will make a big investment in Web operations and strategies). Company decision-makers were segmented by title, location and the degree of difficulty experienced by sales staff in attempts to ‘break through’ via cold calls.

Q9, in its first major marketing effort, developed a direct mail campaign with creative designed to leverage the company’s emphasis on physical and data security. Seven hundred branded film canisters containing the Mission Impossible 2 DVD, a mission briefing document, prize ballot and a corporate brochure were sent to prospects in the greater Toronto area. Their mission? To book a guided tour of Q9′s facility.

The campaign far exceeded expectations – the piece returned an actual response rate of 23.5% as measured by the number of tours conducted.


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