Multi-Media Integration

GOLD (two-way tie)

GOLD (two-way tie)

Company: Bell Sympatico

Campaign: Bell Sympatico Internet Services Campaign

Agency: Cossette Communication-Marketing

Copywriter: Allen Schopp; Blitz

Art Director: Roehl Sanchez; Blitz

Until February 2000, Bell Sympatico’s high speed Internet market ranked a distant second to the cable market in Ontario. Not only did Bell have to convince consumers that it was possible to get high speed Internet access through the phone line, but they also had to achieve aggressive sales targets. In order to change perception and drive results with maximum impact, Bell and agency Cossette opted to deliver this key message via an integrated, multi-media campaign that ran between September and December 2000.

A limited time offer of free installation and free first month was implemented via direct-response television spots, direct-response radio, unaddressed mail, FSIs and newspaper advertising. Database information was used to ensure that only households in serviceable areas were targeted.

Based on results recorded through the call centre, sales increased as soon as the campaign began and were sustained throughout the campaign period. The end result was 264,000 sales, 32% over the 200,000 objective.

GOLD (two-way tie)

Company: Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Campaign: Fragile-Urgent-Manipuler Avec Soin (Handle with Care)

Agency: Allard Johnson Communications

Each year, the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation organizes a fundraising campaign. The objective of the 2000 direct marketing campaign was to raise more than the record $1.2-million raised during the previous year, and to enhance the image of the institution.

A direct mail campaign ran between April 2000 and March 2001 to target the previous year’s donors, and to maintain links with these prior donors during the course of the year via a quarterly newsletter. In order to target each group in a slightly different way, donors were divided into three target categories – regular, VIP (those who gave $250+ the previous year) and corporate.

Each package included a personalized letter, response form, return envelope and newsletter about the foundation. The DM effort was supported by an advertising campaign (billboards, postcards, newspaper ads) showing pictures of children in need of medical care. Corporate donors received the largest package and an additional letter from the president of the campaign, while the smallest package was sent to regular donors. The letters also drew donors’ attention to a Web site through which they could make a donation.

Overall, more than $10 million was donated – the best year on record for the foundation.


President’s Choice Financial for its ‘Squeeze Out Bank Fees’ program, developed by Perennial Inc./Lowe RMP/FLYER Productions.


TELUS for its ‘TELUS ASDL high speed Internet’ program, developed by Go Direct Marketing.


Rogers Cable Inc. for its ‘Digital Cable – The Sopranos’ campaign, developed by MacLaren MRM.