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Company: Bell Globemedia

Campaign: Free-standing Insert

Agency: Proximity Canada

Creative Director: Michael J. McGovern

Copywriter: Donna Ilagan

Art Director: Gregory Goodyear

Production Director: Deborah Flippance

The online investment information category has become fiercely competitive in recent years. In an effort to compete, the Globe made the decision to reinforce its existing print and advertising campaign with a response-generating, tactical direct marketing strategy.

Agency Proximity Canada aimed to drive traffic to the Web site by creating a contest to win a $25,000 portfolio of investments, or any of seven $500 weekly prizes. It ran from Jan. 22 to March 19, 2001.

The contest was promoted to readers of the Globe and Mail, (as well as in Money, Canadian Business, Profit, and Investor’s Digest) in the form of an insert containing a decoder card. The card was used to encourage the target audience to click on the contest Web site to determine eligibility. When a decoder card was held up to a colour field on the site screen, the screen revealed whether the Web visitor was eligible to win. If so, they were instructed to register online. Each publication had a unique URL on the decoder card in order to track responses by publication.

The contest was declared a major success and exceeded total projection of 1.2 million unique visitors to the site by 39.4% (almost 1.7 million visitors).

SILVER for its ‘Throw like a girl and win!’ campaign, developed by MarketSpace Design Group.


Ariad Custom Communications for its ‘Financial Planning Guide Marketing Preview’ program, developed in-house.