Chickens win, dogs lose

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Submit yours at: or Note: only signed submissions will be published.

No apple for the teacher…

I have repeatedly hit the remote so I don’t have to look at the fish-eyed face at the front of the classroom badgering the dogs about Fido benefits.

I’m sure there was a lot of money involved, keeping all those dogs (real or computer-animated) in place for the shoot; but the effort is wasted.

The doggie/person look-alike ads were so great. This one stinks.

Valerie Lapp

online marketing manager


Brilliant use of music

I think the Bell Sympatico ads featuring the worldwide jam sessions are brilliant. I really enjoyed the two-minute version. It’s too bad they didn’t run it more. I also thought it was genius that they tied that music in with all of the Bell ads.

No wonder it took so long to replace the old one with that irritating guy that doesn’t speak Italian very well. It was running long enough for him to have learned the language fluently!

Gail Williams

retail marketing consultant Toronto

Clever continuity

The Boeri ad campaign (for ski and snowboarding helmets) has been catching my eye for a couple of years now. I love the cleverness and continuity to the ads. They are so ingenious that it is hard for me to resist cutting them out.

Julie Doff

head of marketing and sales

Dillon Design

(snowboard clothing company)

Brampton, Ont.