Domestic violence not funny

Domestic violence not funny

I am writing to express my disappointment and offense at a joke you ran on page 10 of the June 17 issue of Strategy. The cartoon depicts a woman gleefully watching a ‘great’ reality television program wherein, she notes, ‘if the husband leaves the seat up, the wife gets to shoot him in the face.’

There is nothing funny about this, as we all well know from recent events in Grimsby, Ont. Indeed, the kind of domestic violence implied by this cartoon is an ongoing problem that should never be made light of.

Simply reversing the common gender equation does not make it any more humourous. I believe it was extremely poor taste for your publication to run this cartoon, and totally irreconcilable with Strategy’s apparent support of cause-related marketing. I hope that you will issue an apology.

Amy Sullivan

Toronto, Ont.

Implication of violence irresponsible

I’d like to respond to the June 17 cartoon depicting violence towards a man by a woman. While I can clearly understand but not relate to the use of a realistic, if not wildly clichéd, gender-based situation as a cheap joke, the implication of violence within the same context is clearly irresponsible and reflects badly on your publication, regardless of the instigator being a woman.

Paul Edwards


Strategic Partnering & Alliances

IDC Canada

Toronto, Ont.