Tim bit

Tim bit

Thanks for the wonderful surprise that I was greeted with in Viewpoint (Strategy, July 1/02, p.14).

John Burghardt’s perspective and insights about what’s contributed to building Tim Hortons into a powerhouse brand were terrific – and dead on. Getting it right and then delivering the vision consistently are absolutely key. It’s also essential that we never allow ourselves to take our customers for granted – or the incredible phenomenon John experienced at our Adelaide store.

We’re blessed to have a client team that truly embraces us as partners and encourages healthy debate and honesty – and who are right by our sides when we’re shooting on the (very hot) Saturday of a long weekend!

John, thanks for noticing our efforts and taking the time to share your praise with the marketing community through Viewpoint. Your words are that much more appreciated given all that you’ve accomplished and contributed to our industry yourself.

Alison Simpson


Enterprise Advertising

Toronto, Ont.