The drill’s gotta go

I waited quite a while before writing to you as I thought the Claritin Liberator ('Drill') ad would be pulled immediately.

I waited quite a while before writing to you as I thought the Claritin Liberator (‘Drill’) ad would be pulled immediately.

I am amazed that not only is the disgrace still airing but I read no criticism in the press. All my friends, family and professional colleagues are aghast at this irresponsible depiction of a man who has decided to clear his sinus challenge with a drill.

Is it me and those I speak with or is this a dangerous demonstration that could give some easily influenced individual(s) a very dangerous idea?

What the hell where they thinking and where is the condemnation?

Billy Tiegs

President, TiegsMedia

Toronto, Ont.

What’s with the chihuahua?

Yet another case of advertising people advertising to themselves, a.k.a. too creative for their own good, and not on strategy.

Geico insurance, long known in direct marketing circles as a success story, has traditionally used fast-moving spots, with consistent messaging, a strong offer (save up to 15% on car insurance), and a great call-to-action, to grab attention. They have been very consistent in their strategy as ‘the sensible alternative’ to the big insurance carriers.

Their latest TV effort, one which features a tryout to become Geico’s mascot, is such a radical departure from this seemingly tried-and-true strategy, that it seems like it came from another company using a different agency.

While a mascot tryout, where the incumbent is fearful of a spanish-speaking chihuahua replacing him, may be amusing to creative directors and advertising folks, it gets in the way of the straightforward approach to delivering product benefits which Geico has done so well before. Stick with what’s gotten you where you are.

What’s next – the overused commercial-in-a-commercial approach?

Jim Hathaway

VP, GraficaGroup

Chester, N.J.

Nike ‘Before’ is Perfect

Nike’s newest spot, ‘Before’ is perfect in every way – the camera angles, the determination, the mix of professional and amateur athletes. Anybody who has participated in any individual or team sport has experienced that moment just before the real moment, which has been captured so perfectly in this spot.

It’s just right on every level, and so true to the brand strategy.

Jim Hathaway

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