Fundraising/Non-Profit/Public Service



Client: World Vision Canada, Toronto

Campaign: Birthday Card Bounce Back Appeal

Agency: Russ Reid Company, Toronto

Creative Director: Lois Ephraim

Copywriter: Kathy Wimbish

Art Director: Michelle Parnell Counts

World Vision Canada research shows that if a sponsor develops a close relationship with their sponsored child, the greater the long-term donor value. So it’s imperative that the organization continue to find new and meaningful ways to help build lasting relationships.

As part of that effort, World Vision developed a direct mail package that included a festive birthday hat that a sponsor could send to their sponsored child.

The retention and cultivation direct mail effort targeted individual child sponsors: 200,000 active donors that give an average $31 per month to sponsor a child overseas. Current sponsor files were segmented according to birthday date of the sponsored child, and dollar handles were laser-printed onto the letter and response device according to a multiple of the donor’s last giving amount. Finally, the sponsored child’s name was laser-printed onto the letter, the response device and onto a special ‘Happy Birthday’ sticker on the face of the letter.

The outer envelope featured a four-colour birthday scene with teaser. The same illustrations were picked up and used to border the four-colour letter and response device. The visuals were also featured on the Birthday Hat Bounceback Device – a four-colour, one-size-fits-all birthday card/hat, which donors signed and returned in the provided envelope along with a donation that would provide a special birthday gift to the child’s community, like sporting equipment, books or a playground set.

The Birthday Hat Bounceback exceeded goals – in some cases, nearly doubling anticipated results – making it the highest-grossing appeal of its kind in World Vision Canada history.


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