Research Watch

Release Date Issuing Organization Report Name Description For More Info
April, 2004 Nielsen Media Research Annual Ad Expenditure Summary CD Provides a summary of national advertising expenditures by medium (TV, radio, daily newspapers, magazines and out-of-home) for more than 50 categories and 110,000 unique brands. Lisa Eaton (905) 940-7086
Spring, 2004 NADbank 2003 Readership Study Full-year readership results from 48 markets, 72 newspapers MeLing Johnston (416) 923-3569
May 10, 2004 BBM TV Spring 2004 TV Survey Time block, program listings, time period and time block trending (416) 445-9800,
May 18, 2004 BBM Radio RTS Spring 2004 Annual return-to-sample survey linking radio listening to consumer behaviour (416) 445-9800,
May 26, 2004 BBM Radio Spring 2004 Radio Survey Current audience ratings, share, date trend data and listening location data (416) 445-9800,