Love hurts

love hurts

love hurts

We liked this advert because we couldn’t figure out what it was for. A bit of mystery in a spot is a good tune-out defence, kind of a mini-version of the cliffhanger ploy perfected by Dallas.

O.K., so the spot’s not that edge of your seat, it’s just quirky. In a good way.

It opens on clips of comically mismatched couples embroiled in various states of amorous interaction. At this point we’re thinking ‘maybe it’s Viagra.’ Then there’s a shot of a mailman obviously digging the fact that a pooch is humping his sock-clad leg. Now we’re ruling it out as a Pfizer effort, and wondering ‘Axe?’

All is revealed in the final scene as a dishevelled Cupid rouses from a stupor, muttering: ‘What’d I do last night?’ It’s accompanied by the Labatt ‘Know When To Draw The Line’ logo to really clear it up for those who need more ‘splainin’. And for those who don’t, the fact that the track was a great raw version of Love Hurts is an extra little ‘Ah.’

The spot is the first directorial outing for Toronto editing talent David Hicks, proving that editors have great comedic and storytelling timing, and can economically frame a shot. The Partners’ Film Company threw the weight of its considerable resources into the effort, and shot extra scenarios, no doubt fodder for a wicked director’s cut.

Campaign co-creator Dale Roberts says it’s a continuation of the ‘Draw the Line’ work, which ‘doesn’t preach and utilizes humour,’ and that with this spot the goal was to stay true to the core 19-to-25 demo, but have broad appeal as well. To this end, Roberts says the storytelling is a twist on a universally known character that would have gen-spanning resonance, and the song choice also has crossover appeal.

It hit the airwaves Sept. 13. Check it out at room/

client: Nigel Miller, Labatt Breweries of Canada

agency: Axmith McIntyre Wicht

CD: Brian Howlett

copywriter/associate CD: Dale Roberts

art director: Mike Sipley

agency producer: Bob Kirk

prodco: The Partners’ Film Company

director: David Hicks

editor: David Baxter, Panic & Bob

sound: Steve MacKinnon, Rosnick MacKinnon

vocalist: Darby Mills, The Headpins (of Don’t it Make you Feel Like Dancin’ fame)