Top 5 sponsorship deals

Air Canada

Air Canada

Air Canada’s use of Celine Dion is good. I think what they have to say is ‘we’re back and doing well,’ so by associating themselves with a cultural icon, they were able to acquire a lot of her attributes – such as success and permanence. It says a lot quickly – which is the secret.

Ian Howard, owner, Leverage, The Sponsorship Company, Vancouver


Gillette, which owns Duracell, sponsors Fire Safety Awareness Month. They partner with local fire fighters, go to retail locations and say: ‘Get a battery for your fire alarm.’ While you can be told: ‘You need this brand of paper towels,’ you really do need functioning batteries for your fire alarm – it’s a brilliant partnership and relevant to any consumer.

Nick Jelinek, president, InField Marketing, Toronto


Telus will pay $9 million over the next 15 years to establish a partnership with one of the most loved properties in Vancouver: Science World, which will now be called Telusphere. Telus unveiled this a week before the Olympics sponsorship was announced and showed its ongoing support for the city. Nice timing!

David Nichols, marketing VP, Inventa, Vancouver


WonderBra sponsored the Canadian women’s ski team and will also add the team’s logo to a new line. More interestingly, the women’s program will provide WonderBra with feedback on its product to help the company’s research and development initiatives.

Max Lenderman, VP/CD, Gearwerx, Montreal


To mark the launch of the ultra-chic Level vodka, Absolut decided to go causal. The company unleashed the Cocktails for a Cause program, an invite-only series of parties where $50 martinis are served by celebrities behind the bar. All proceeds, plus a $150,000 donation, go to Project ALS. If you want to market your premium product to the super-affluent, just sell them a $50 cocktail. It works every time.

Max Lenderman, VP/CD, Gearwerx, Montreal