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Hey, I'm a demo!

Hey, I’m a demo!

The one thing I usually dread about my job is reading about it. When marketing and PR people write about their jobs, somewhere around the first sentence they lose me in their ‘I did this, then I did this’ style of writing. Strategy is the only publication I read start to finish. The journalistic style of writing, mixed with humour (I get) and unique ways of portraying articles about marketing strategies for products I see in my everyday life is so refreshing.

Usually I read these articles from the outside, although I can relate almost everything to the products I market through my job and the constant creative process involved with branding. So I was shocked to see the Brand Diary about the X-Trail launch in the January issue.

I drive an X-Trail. My life is evolving. I upgraded from a sedan. I am the X-Trail’s market. I always think of everyone else as a market. This is the first time I’ve realized that I am someone’s market too.

Congrats to TBWA and Nissan for knowing exactly who their market is (and how to steer us towards a sale).

Jayme MacFayden, PR manager, Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort

and Conference Centre, Parksville, B.C.