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In a province where previous 6/49 campaigns have worked their way into the cultural lingo, Loto-Québec's latest string of spots are

In a province where previous 6/49 campaigns have worked their way into the cultural lingo, Loto-Québec’s latest string of spots are

as quirky as ever. Coupled with a new

interest in sponsorship of events, the corporation is recognizing the importance

of getting personal.

Based on recent research (see sidebar, page 53), the corporation now strategically supports events to connect with audiences, says Lucie Lamoureux, director of sponsorship and public events. They’re so committed to the idea, they’ve increased their budget 20% from last year and sponsor more than 100 major and local events in the province each year, including the very popular Just for Laughs. ‘Quebecers love festivals. If you create an event, they will go to it – as long as it’s good,’ says Lamoureux.

Then there’s the very funny ‘Always Be Nice to Those who Play the New Lotto 6/49′ campaign by Diesel Marketing. The gist of the campaign is that you have to be kind to everyone because you never know who’s going to win. In one spot, a woman in a restaurant is explaining why she’s leaving her boyfriend, Marc. Behind her is a three-piece mariachi band…Marc’s been trying to tell her that they, well, he, is a millionaire.

As well, 6/49 has sponsored traffic reports on local radio stations during traffic jams encouraging nice behaviour, and sent out nametags to 6/49 retailers across the province with ‘Hi, my name is Marc,’ to unify the concept. They’re also toying with sponsoring the two-minute penalties in hockey (if it ever comes back) and considering a viral campaign. ‘My goal,’ says Loto-Québec’s Lynda Zuliani, director of advertising and communications, ‘is to show that there are fun products for people who want them. Period.’

The new personal approach has

spelled success. In just a year since its makeover, Loto-Québec is ranked fourth, behind Molson, Labatt and Bell in the sponsorship arena. About 82% of Quebecers felt that it had a good sponsorship presence last summer.

And ‘Always be nice’ has been scooping up awards, recently walking away with top honours at the World Lottery Association. (Bos also won for its Super 7 work. Amalgame is the corporation’s third agency.)

The folks at B.C. Lottery Corporation so adore the concept, they’ve rejigged it, and plan to launch an English version shortly.

Diesel has submitted the spots to Cannes and, quite frankly, seem giddy about the possible outcome. Always be nice to

Loto-Québec, it seems.