Top 3 interactive campaigns


Keep it entertaining. That’s what CDs across the country say is key to a killer interactive campaign. So what’s kept them delighted for hours on end lately? Apparently denim, contraception and a dash of Vince and Owen (keep it clean, folks.)

My Buddy and me
Looking for tips to skyrocket your career? Check out the new Buddy Lee Guidance Counselor Web site, created by Minneapolis’ Fallon.
It’s nice to see a viral campaign with a quality film, but the experience doesn’t stop there. Find out how much you will make if you start a new career as a sheep farmer, septic tank technician or crab fisherman, or play a couple of games to test your ability in various jobs. At the very least you could get a few interview tips from Buddy himself – he may be short, but he’s sporting a pair of quality jeans.
Bruce Sinclair, national CD, Tribal DDB, Vancouver

Everything and the girl
Alesse’s Meet The Girls! ( is more than just a contest. The microsite, created in-house by CHUM Television, offers different content to engage teen girls with varied personalities. The Decorate Your Digs application appeals to the creative type while the puzzle game engages those who like to be challenged.
John Findlay and AJ Pratt, partners/CDs, Launchfire Interactive, Ottawa

I, Wedding Crasher
One of my favorite campaigns in the last little while was the Wedding Crashers or Trailer Crashers site (, created in-house by New Line Interactive Marketing. As a user, you can customize the trailer of the movie to add your name, face and actually have your mouth move with the dialogue. It’s a campy execution, but a perfect fit for the style of movie. Interactive needs to be fun if you’re selling a fun product. This does the trick.
Ian Gadsby, VP, Fourthwall Media, Toronto