Mentors: Kenneth B. Wong

Kenneth B. Wong, associate professor of commerce, Queen's School

Kenneth B. Wong, associate professor of commerce, Queen’s School

of Business

Wong, an award-winning academic for more than 20 years who has taught as far afield as Harvard and the University of Alberta, has not only helped foster some of the brightest young marketing minds in Canada but also – as a consultant – put his marketing prowess to work for countless clients, including Bell,

TD-Canada Trust, and Frito Lay.

‘I went to Queen’s and Ken was one of my professors. What impresses me is [not only his] knowledge of marketing strategy, but also [that he] has a vibrant practice of helping companies to redefine themselves.’

Andrew Black, president, Virgin Mobile Canada and award judge

‘Ken is probably one of the best teachers of marketing in the country. He does it in two ways: Firstly, he’s got the knowledge and information… secondly he makes it engaging and practical, so he doesn’t stand – like a lot of professors do – on a high horse.’

Alan Middleton, assistant professor, marketing, and executive director of the Schulich School of Business’s executive development division