Air Canada’s revolution

They say they want a revolution...

They say they want a revolution…

So, Air Canada is giving the people what they want, in the form of flexible multi-trip air travel passes (think Eurail passes, with planes instead of trains). A splashy integrated campaign, ‘Revolution: see where the revolution can take you,’ supports the effort. Sans Céline Dion, thank goodness. (Insiders are mum about whether she’ll resurface in future campaigns.)

‘The product itself is revolutionary,’ says Marketel CD Pascal Hierholz. ‘We want to let the people know that something big is happening.’

All campaign elements, including TV, radio, print, online and OOH, drive consumers to the company’s Web site,, and play off of the Revolution concept. One print execution features a businessman flashing the peace sign under the headline ‘Give Pass a Chance,’ while the microsite outlines ‘The Flight Pass Manifesto.’ The TV spot shows masses of people flooding a busy street, demanding an air travel revolution.

Hierholz says the campaign is carefully integrated, with all elements intertwined. For example, actual campaign wild postings can be seen in the TV spot.

The campaign launched nationwide last month, and is running in English and French.

client: George Reeleder, senior director,

marketing; Denis Vandal, director, marketing communications; Anna Kobajlo, manager, advertising North America; Denise Martineau, manager marketing communications; Mark Sinderman, online advertising specialist,

Air Canada

CD: Pascal Hierholz

copywriters: Stéphane Jean, Neil McGregor, Annie Ouellet, Jessie Sternthal

ADs: Étienne Bessette, Alvaro Perez Del Solar

client services: Stephen M. Davis,

Tony Attanasio, Jean-Éric Tousignant, Anouk Crevier, Sara Cairncross, Sophie Brasiola, Guillaume Lachance

prodco: Films Traffik

director: Frédéric Potier

music: Apollo