Salvation Army gives us chills

Sally Ann wants you to see what most don't.

Sally Ann wants you to see what most don’t.

The powerful new Christmas fundraising campaign, which includes print, OOH, radio, online and TV, marks the debut of the new tag: ‘Giving hope today.’ The ads feature images of translucent people in need, like a mother and child huddled together on steps with the headline: ‘We see what most don’t.’

‘We felt that for Christmas this year, it was time to do something new,’ says Andrew Burditt, territorial public relations director for Toronto-based Salvation Army Canada, adding that the new tag aims to address insights gleaned from extensive polling and focus group research done over the past couple of years. ‘What struck us is that no one really understood the scope of our services…we’re the largest non-government provider of social services in the country, which, quite frankly, a lot of people don’t know.’

The campaign, by Toronto-based ACLC, highlights three specific issues the Salvation Army deals with: homelessness, addictions and community/family services. The new tag aims to appeal to the 35-54 demo, which is slightly younger than the Salvation Army’s current core donor base.

The campaign is rolling out over November and December as media space is donated. At press time, the Outdoor Broadcast Network had donated four weeks beginning Nov 27.