Jillian, 15

Day One - a Thursday

Day One – a Thursday

I’m tired! I stayed up too late on MSN with my friends even though my Mom told me to go to bed. I’m a little grouchy. I’m looking forward to making chocolate chip cookies in my Foods class today (memo to remember my apron) and I am dreading a vocabulary test in English (I have a hard time remembering definitions).

What was the first ad you saw this morning?

It was a poster from a music magazine for ‘Daisy Rock’ Guitars. It’s on the bulletin board in my room. I really want one!

What did you wear today?

My American Eagle brown sweat pants and a brown and white striped sweater. I think the sweater was from Reitmans …it was a Christmas present from my Mom. I wore my Lulu Lemon brown yoga jacket. Actually, I think that pants and jacket were also. Which is kind of funny because I usually don’t like the things she picks out for me. I picked this outfit today because it’s warm and cozy! It’s snowing outside this morning! It hardly ever snows in Vancouver, but this morning it’s snowing and it’s really cold !!!


Most of the afternoon until 3:00 I spend in school. I walked home with a couple of friends. I did my English work which only took about an hour. I had a Socials Project due but decided to do it later. I had to feed the cat and let the dog out.

Which ads did you notice?

A Telus commercial on TV with love birds in it and a Bell commercial on TV with ‘the beavers’ in it. I think they stand out and grab my attention because there are animals in them. I also think that they gear their commercials towards younger people.

What technology did you use?

I listened to my iPod almost all day. I put it on in the morning when I get into the car to go to school. I’m not allowed it in class (obviously) but I use it in between classes and when I walk home. I used the computer for my homework and also plugged my headphones into the computer so I could listen to music while I was doing my work. I have to confess that I also had MSN running and was talking to my friends…which is why I was up so late doing my work. I used my cell phone today – but only once to call my friend – she wanted to borrow something from me.

What media did you interact with today?

I had a really busy day and I didn’t watch much TV or surf the web today. Which is unusual because I usually watch TV quite a lot in the evenings…but I was out with Mom. I did have the TV on in the background while I was on the computer doing my homework. I put it on the show Popular which, even though it’s an old show, I really like the issues that they deal with being teens in high school. It makes me laugh and sometimes see the ‘silly side’ of my own problems.

How did music factor into your day?

I listened to my iPod a lot of the time during the day. I didn’t download any new stuff today because I didn’t have time….so I just listened to what I already have. If I was to download songs I do it from iTunes. I buy the cards and top up my account. I use it because it’s a safe site and I don’t have to worry about viruses.

Which brands stood out today? Why?

Pizza Hut…that’s what we had for dinner…it’s for anyone who’s hungry! Mary Kay Cosmetics…I thought that it was for older people (like mom) but they have some cool products (especially the hand stuff) and they have a line of face products especially for teens. The Brand that stood out for me was…’DAISY ROCK’.

What was the best part of the day?

I’ve been asking my mom for a guitar for awhile now… I spend a lot of time in my room writing lyrics/poems and I want to be able to put them to music. I’ve researched guitars on the internet and have gone to the music store to look at them. The best kind for me is ‘DAISY ROCK’ because they build them especially for girls. Tonight, my mom told me that my grandma and grandpa are going to ‘pitch-in’… Tomorrow night Mom’s taking me to the music store to check out a guitar….and buy one for me!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!

Day two – a Saturday

I stayed in bed until about 11:30. After I got up I went on MSN to talk to my friends who I was going to make plans with for the day. We decided to go shopping and I was really looking forward to that.

Which brands stood out?

We went to every store..but I tend to like the clothes in Urban Behaviour, Fairweather and Bootlegger. They are more my style. I think they are clothes for teens and young adults who like to look good but really want to be comfortable.

What was the funniest part of the day?

While we were looking around Wal-Mart (good place to buy junk food), there was this really big cardboard bin on the ground that looked empty..my friend tried to lean over the edge to look in…..and she fell in! Her feet were up in the air and she was stuck! It was so funny! I couldn’t even help her because I was laughing so much!

Unbranded content

The technology I most rely on is: My computer. I use it for homework, internet surfing, MSN, text messaging, listening to music, down loading music to my iPod, MSN with and without webcam, digital photography and Photobucket, and email. I would be pretty lost without it!

My music is something: I could not live without. I listen to music most of the time for different reasons….when I feel good, when I feel bad, when I’m bored, when I’m doing homework…. In my room on my stereo, on the computer and with my iPod. I like to have music around me all the time.

The best place for a company or brand to place a message that will get my attention is: I’d say the first place would be on TV – and probably on The Family Channel or FOX. The second place would be on web sites like Nexopia, My Space, etc.

My friends represent…to me: FUN, LAUGHTER AND SUPPORT!

What was the last social issue that had a huge impact on you?

teenage drinking. There are alot of people I know that drink on the weekends at home, at parties, and I’ve even caught some people drinking at school in the bathroom between classes. I don’t understand it…but it’s a real problem. the parents and teachers seem to be so concerned with drugs these days that I think they are missing alot of what is going on!

Text messaging vs. Instant messaging (MSN) vs. Talking on the phone. Discuss! I kind of like text messaging better because you can do something else while you are waiting for an answer and also because you can talk to more than one person at a time. When I am trying to make plans with my friends I usually do it on MSN. Lots of times too- there are people at the other house that are on the phone…so you don’t have to wait for the phone to get free.

The best advice I’ve given a friend is: Be yourself. The ‘cool group’ will come and go and not be around after high school is over. So stop trying to become one of them and be who you are…..because if you are ‘real’ then the friends you make will be around for a long time to come.

TV vs. Internet. I prefer the TV. The internet can be fun and it’s interesting to look up different things, but I think the TV is much more entertaining. I like watching comedies, movies and shows about nature.

The most important thing a brand can do for me is: Live up to its advertising. I hate it when you see something that you want to try, or want to buy on TV and then when you go to the store to buy it….it’s not quite as nice, or as large, or as bright as they show on TV.

When it comes to spending I tend to: Buy only what I really want and I think about it for a long time. For example the last thing that I really wanted to buy was the ‘Sims 2′ computer game. I saved up the money and my mom took me down to the store, but I still had to take the time to think about it (we went for a drink) before I actually spent the money. I want to make sure that I will not regret buying anything after I walk out of the store.