Fight Network isn’t a sissy

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?

Three new 30-second spots from Toronto-based Fight Network feature an agitated man going around town picking fights with the likes of construction workers, a parking lot attendant and a hot dog vendor.

He dishes out memorable taunts like: ‘Where did you get this hot dog cart? At crappy…uh…land?’

‘There aren’t a lot of clients who would be willing to represent their brand with a guy going around harassing people,’ says Mike Cook, AD at Cossette Toronto.

Adds Stephen Stahl, copywriter at Cossette: ‘They think it’s bang-on for their target…[which] has a penchant for this kind of humour.’ The tag is: ‘Looking for a fight? The Fight Network: All fights, all the time.’

It’s a straight awareness campaign for the network, which offers boxing matches, martial arts shows fight movies and the like across TV, mobile, radio, online and pay-per-view platforms.

The network is available across North America.

The spots are currently running across Canada on the Fight Network, Spike and CNN.

Print, radio and guerrilla efforts are expected to roll out in late summer/early fall.

client: Brian Sobie, SVP programming and production, The Fight Network

agency: Cossette Communication-Marketing, Toronto

CDs: Darren Clarke, Daniel Vendramin

copywriters: Stephen Stahl, Mike Cook

ADs: Mike Cook, Stephen Stahl

prodco: Code Film

director: Alex Ogus

DOP: Paul Tolton

executive producer: Thomas Rickert

line producer: Glen Wong

edit house: Soda Post

editors: Jason Stinson, Gerrit Van Dyke, James Reid

audio: Tattoo Music