Rethink Breast Cancer wants you to wear what you mean

Princess. I'm with Stupid. I brake for Jedi.

Princess. I’m with Stupid. I brake for Jedi.

There are a lot of stupid T-shirt slogans out there. So the latest campaign for Toronto-based Rethink Breast Cancer takes aim at the dumb fashion statements with ads that play on the idea of what your shirt really says about you. For example, one T in a print ad features a Chinese word with the translation: ‘I have no idea what this means.’ The execution also includes a photo of a Rethink T-shirt with the translation: ‘I want to stop breast cancer.’

‘There’s this incredible trend with T-shirts. It’s a way to say: ‘Hey, look at me, I’m witty, I’m funny, I’m this kind of person,” says Stephen Jurisic, co-CD at Toronto-based John St. ‘So we’re saying wear something that means something,’ adding that the original concept came from John St.’s planning department.

The campaign aims to sell Rethink’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer T-shirts, both online and through retail partners like Roots, and to get people to wear the shirts on Fashion Targets Friday, which fell on May 25 this year. The effort includes four 30-second radio spots, one print execution, a website,, and a 37-second viral spot seeded on sites like YouTube. Within one day of launching, the viral spot had already been viewed 1,000 times.

At press time, Jurisic said his team was planning to put the T-shirts on various statues around Toronto on the Friday.

client: MJ DeCoteau, Executive Director; Alison Gordon, director of marketing and communications; Denise Dias, campaigns manager, Rethink Breast Cancer

agency: John St., AmoebaCorp.

CDs: Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker

copywriters: Neil Shapiro, Mia Thomsett

AD: Rob Trickey

agency producer: Dale Giffen

team leader: Melissa Tobenstein

project manager: Teresa Ko

prodco: Soft Citizen

director: Sara St. Onge

producer: Link York

executive producer: Eva Preger

producer: Nick Sorbara