VFest fly on the island

Virgin Mobile Canada's extravagant brand experience Virgin Festival was back

Virgin Mobile Canada’s extravagant brand experience Virgin Festival was back

this year, and it did not disappoint.

At Toronto’s event last month, 40,000 concertgoers (including Virgin Mobile Canada’s CMO, Nathan Rosenberg, below),took in over 60 performances as well as dozens of sponsorship activations by brands like Levi’s, Xbox and Dentyne.

Virgin told sponsors that if they wanted to have a presence at the fest, they had to make it fun. And for the most part, they listened. From shooting balls through toilet seats (Oxfam Canada) to a scavenger hunt in search of a hippie, a cowboy and a dominatrix (CKIN2U), visitors to the large Vendor’s Village were

anything but bored.

Last year’s hits, Energizer and Bacardi, were back to reprise their popular ‘spin-the-wheel’ game and B-Live tent, respectively.

Strategy sent a reporter to Toronto Island to check out which sponsors got it right, and which ones were off the mark this time around.