Dairy farmers milk their image

Dairy farmers milk their image

What fun is dry cereal?

Taxi Montreal’s first work for Montreal-based Dairy Farmers of Canada centres on the concept of ‘What if, one morning, the dairy farmers just didn’t get up?’ A 30-second TV spot and 60-second cinema execution each feature sad-looking people eating dry cereal and fruit without yogurt, and trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich without cheese. The tag is ‘Canadian Dairy: Here for good.’

‘[We want] to strengthen and secure the Canadian dairy industry image to sustain its growth, and to increase Canadians’ level of trust and desire for Canadian dairy products, leading them to consume more,’ says Nathalie Noël, managing director, Dairy Farmers of Canada. ‘There is a disconnect between the products and their origin – [we're trying] to leverage what Canadians trust the most: dairy farmers.’

Stéphane Charier, ECD at Taxi Montreal, says this is a corporate branding campaign intended to pay homage to hard-working dairy farmers, and to make Canadians feel good about homegrown dairy in general. ‘The big insight is when you think of all the dairy products you use, and what it would be like without them. That would be a very traumatic situation. We’re saying, ‘Don’t take those dairy products for granted.”

The campaign broke last month and is running across English Canada. There are currently no plans for executions beyond TV and cinema.

client: Nathalie Noël, managing director, Dairy Farmers of Canada
agency: Taxi Montreal
ECD: Stéphane Charier
AD: Stéphane Gaulin
copywriter: Linda Dawe
strategic planning director: Anne-Marie Leclair
agency producer: Josée Fréchette
account services: François Canuel, Audrey Lefebvre, Marie-Eve Verreault
prodco: Untitled
producer: Tom Evelyn
director: Mark Gilbert
editor: Chris Van Dyke, School Editing
sound and music: RMW Music