Travel Alberta lifts commuters away

Ever wanted to teleport yourself right out of your morning commute?

Ever wanted to teleport yourself right out of your morning commute?

Calgary-based Travel Alberta is appealing to grumpy, wistful commuters with a new transit execution that juxtaposes the beautiful Rocky Mountains against the mundane Toronto subway environment. It entails floor and wall decals surrounding platform benches that make them look like part of a ski lift, right down to the ‘floor skis.’

‘It works really well within the contrast of the confined space of the subway station. You’re hitting the person at a time and a place when they’re most likely depressed because they’re on their way to work and it’s just a horrible commute and everybody’s like sheep going through the whole thing,’ says Jon Mychajlyszyn, CD at Venture Communications’ Toronto office. ‘And then we show them paradise. We’re saying, ‘Just come and sit in this chair and we’ll take you to paradise.”

The execution is running at eight transit stops around Toronto’s downtown core. The main target is ski enthusiasts longing for a winter getaway.

advertiser: Marney St. John, director, Americas Leisure Programs, Travel Alberta International

agency: Venture Communications

CD: Jon Mychajlyszyn

AD: Brad Van Schaik

client marketing director: Susan Murphy

photographer: Jason Stang

post production: Marcelle Faucher