Insurance drones: Ripe for parody

It's about time someone lampooned bureaucratic insurance companies.

It’s about time someone lampooned bureaucratic insurance companies.

Vancouver-based Canadian Direct Insurance takes a jab at its government-run competitor ICBC in two new TV spots. One shows a man aging as he’s waiting to hear about a claim. The other features an insurance broker shrieking hysterically when a customer asks why his insurance costs keep going up. Her response: ‘Why? Why? You don’t ask why! Hey Perry, this guy just asked why his insurance costs so much! Hahahahahaha!’ The tagline is ‘The end of insurance as you know it.’

The actress, Patricia Drake, makes the ‘Why’ spot particularly memorable with her berating tone and over-the-top laughter. ‘When she walked into casting, she blew us away,’ says Tana Kosiyabong, AD at Publicis Vancouver.

‘We want to stand out and poke fun a little bit,’ Kosiyabong continues, adding that many British Columbians don’t realize they’re able to buy certain insurance policies from privately owned companies. ‘Everyone thinks they have to go to ICBC and just pay the prices that keep increasing without being able to do anything about it.’

The spots are running in B.C. and Alberta.

advertiser: Trisha M. Tyrrell,senior manager, business development, Canadian Direct Insurance

agency: Publicis Vancouver

CD: Bill Downie

AD: Tana Kosiyabong

copywriter: Grant Proulx

agency producer: Jason Hunt

prodco: Blink Pictures, Rogue Production Services

director: Adam & Dave

executive producer: Derek Sewell

producer: Jason Hunt

editor: Karen Porter, Finale Editworks

casting: Al deZilva, Zedd Casting

audio: GGRP

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